New release of WordPress is coming on…

Screenshot 2014-07-30 20.34.40

August 13th. One of the great things about WordPress is that the folks who are responsible for the design and implementation of that design truly try and make things easier for the beginner.

We who live in WordPress are used to the quasi logical idiosyncrasies because we live and breathe WordPress. I got started with WordPress around version 2.7, near as I can recall. It is now on version 4.0 (coming August 13). Roughly 4 years of learning!

So many things have gotten easier. Anything with photos. Anything with menus. Anything with widgets.

I never jump ahead and try to form an opinion of the upcoming versions. I wait until they are released and then take my time updating. Letting others find any initial “bugs”. Of which there are hardly ever any.

WordPress will most likely never be as “easy” as Facebook. Mainly because Mark Zuckerberg is in charge of Facebook, and you can do whatever he wants you to do. With WordPress, YOU are in charge and can do ANYTHING that YOU want to do. Quite a bit more power and responsibility, I would say.

And yet even still, many of the WordPress powers that be, in many ways, shoot for that level of ease of use. A lofty goal.

I have heard great things about the 4.0 release. One thing I know for sure. Easier is better. Like the AT&T commercial 🙂

As you are reading this, I will be in NYC at the NYC WordCamp 2014. Learning as much as I can about WordPress and engaging with the WordPress community. Which, in many ways, is the best part of WordPress.

Enjoy your weekend. What a Summer!