News Flash: Not every Staples will…

have the iPhone 6 is stock. So far the managers at Orleans Staples say that Hyannis will have them on stock, whereas Orleans will not. I like giving my business to the Orleans Staples whenever possible. But in this case it may not be possible.

There are also rumors (I am pretty sure they are true) that you can trade in your old iPhone and get a Staples gift card. As always, having all the original stuff that came with it and the box assures you the best possible price.

I am still reserving the right to actually see and hold the new iPhone before I buy.

On the WordPress front, one big reason why WordPress has the world’s attention is due to the extreme flexibility of it. say, for instance, that you have a nice little WordPress website that promotes your Yoga class. With a little work, you could not only be taking payments online but letting clients SCHEDULE their classes online.

Similarly, if you had a little WordPress website promoting your Bed and Breakfast, or your summer rental property, you could have your guests RESERVE their stays as well as accept payment online. Before, not that long ago, it would have taken a month and $15,000 to make this happen. With a WordPress site, either a few hours/days of your time or about $500 to have someone else do the install and setup and you are in business.

Here is a link to the site that shows the plugin that would make this happen. And below are some photos of the result. WOuldn’t it be fun to offer your clients this ability to reserve?























Update on iPhone 6. They did have one or two left at Staples, ATT and Best Buy. But, they were all the gold color. Which is very classy but not for me. I will wait a bit. Probably order it online. I did get to actually see them both. And as I suspected, I will be getting the smaller of the two.

Next week I will be featuring the latest web site by Very exciting!

Enjoy your weekend.