No website is ever finished.

No website is ever finished. Ever.

Things are changing so fast in the tech world. Always, all the time. What a reasonably intelligent person can do today with WordPress was either impossible just a few years ago or would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It has recently dawned on my marble head that the type of websites that I specialize in are never going to get any serious “traffic”. That does not mean they are bad websites, or ineffective websites, by any means. It is just a reality that “Brochure Style” websites will never see the amount of visitors as say, eBay, or Amazon. I mean heck, The New York Times dreams of getting “Amazon” level of traffic. Sorry NYT, not gonna happen. I am sure the Times gets some very decent traffic compared to the latest website I did for a local tradesman, but I am equally sure that Amazon gets hundreds of times more traffic.

The thing is, there is just no way that a million, or even 10,000 people will visit the site of a local tradesman or house cleaning company. Where does that leave us?

I am so glad you asked. That leaves us with the question: “What are we going to do with the visitors we do get?” I know the answer.

We are going to inform, educate, entice, cajole and engage them so that if they are in need of your services, they will call you. Or fill out your contact form. Or sign up for future email communication. Or all of the above. The trick is to convert the visitor to an actual customer. Simple. But not easy.

For the type of websites I do (with some variations), conversion is really the goal. The two things in this life that make me most happy (besides my cat) are when someone comments to me that they enjoyed reading my blog post, or that their website brought them some business. Truly.

Back to the title. Let’s say I did a website for you, Joe House Cleaner, awhile back. And you get, on a fairly regular basis, referrals from that site that convert to become new customers. Great. Fantastic. But what if you could get 100% more customers by making some improvements to your site. More information about who you are and what you do and what you can do for them. Better photos. A rewrite of your sales copy. Some testimonials. A tutorial video. New features that come along that did not exist at the time your site was “finished”. You are getting the idea now.

These things are in my area of expertise. And within your budget. Call or email me to discuss further. Because if your average customer spends $500 with you, and a $500 investment in your website can bring you 15 more customers per year by converting more effectively, well, that sounds like a deal to me.

Because no website is ever finished. There is always something you can do to improve visitor conversion.

One of the high points of my week, OK life, was when the CEO of a major WordPress Hosting company (really major, like International) followed me on Twitter. Hers is a company I have followed very closely since its inception and have met many wonderful employees at various WordCamps. So Heather, here is a heartfelt shout out to you! Thanks for the follow 🙂 WPEngine rules!

I leave you with this: If you visited your website would you do business with you? If not, let’s talk.
Rock on,