It is now Summer on Cape Cod…

Gee Dave, how do you know? Are you sure? Yup. I know because of the increase in traffic. The number one rule is Drive Safely.

And so it goes, the Summer of 2017 is upon us. FYI, if anyone knows of a place that is as nice as Cape Cod in the late shoulder seasons and Winter but in the Summer, please let me know. I sometimes hanker for idyllic days but with near zero traffic and crowds. Truth is, Cape Cod Summers were alot more exciting in my younger days 🙂

I took the big step of putting AC in the house that I had been putting off for 5 years. The memory of last year’s humidity pushed me over the edge and all is cool now.

There is much going on with WordPress (as always seems to be the case), but it is mostly technical stuff that is not quite ready for prime time, so I will wait to speak more on that. For the most part, my website clients have their site in place and will be busy working their business. So other than maintenance and hosting, this is a bit of a lull for me. If you do not already have a website and think you need one, this is a great time to contact me.

If you have been looking for me on the Harwich trail, I have not been there. I had to start walking again on the fields in Orleans due to so many caterpillars hanging from the trees on the trail. For the first week or two, OK, I thought I could deal with it. Then, I realized how much I hated having those things crawling all over me and that was that.

What are you up to this Summer? Boating? Hiking? Walking on the beach? Family and friends? One thing for sure, the weather has been pretty good. I make it a point to get outside in the fresh for some light exercise once per day. That is not as easy as it sounds, but seems to be very worthwhile.

If you are thinking of changing your pet food, have a look at Food for dogs and cats. One great thing is they ship the food to you. This is great for us older folks.

Have a great weekend.

(the above photo is one I took at the Harwich Farmer’s Market. THU from 3-6pm.)