Learning WordPress is fun!

It’s official… Cape Learn WP is done and gone.

Easy WordPress tutorial videos for beginners.


Cape Learn WP was my first real foray into what is called a membership site. Not to be confused with a subscription site. Confused already? Yeah, I get that.

I will let my friend Chris Lema delve further in to that arena. He is really smart with all that stuff. Check him out. You will be glad you did.

But for now, and forever, I have closed Cape Learn WP. (which you may or may not remember was a site I setup where you could have a free trial of high quality videos that teach you to learn WordPress and then signup for a deeper level of subscription)

It was fun and challenging to learn the ins and outs of such a website. Different levels of membership and access to different videos. All in all, a great idea. But it is not like it got any traction. Mainly because I did not continue to update it and market it. I built it and they did not come 🙂

I do not look at this as a failure. Not at all. Quite the opposite. Just another learning experience on the way to success. The main factor is that I enjoy doing websites for small local businesses. I see this as a better use of my time. For now. Until I invent that widget that everyone has to have and I have the only website that sells it.

Do not worry, there is no shortage of ways to learn WordPress. To experience what true quality video production is all about, head on over to my friend Shawn Hesketh. You will be amazed.

Rather than leave CapeLearnWP hanging in the wind, I did the right thing and just took the site down completely. I hate “hanging chads”.

Please do not worry, as I am already planning my next foray into high functionality websites. It will use the venerable plugin that powers a very large percentage of online businesses. Yes, the one and only WooCommerce. Folks, this one FREE plugin can get you about 64% of Amazon.com’s features right out of the box. It is seriously powerful. Check them out at their new domain name… woocommerce.com

I guarantee you that the future of CapeWP rests heavily on this plugin. The level of awesomeness is truly astounding.

Will your business come to depend on WooCommerce?

Contact CapeWP to discuss that possibility.

Enjoy your summer,


PS. Today’s Professional Curmudgeon comment: “I am ready for our Summer visitors to leave.”