OK, here is the new master plan…

I am going to completely refresh this website: veryhappycats.com – you will be completely amazed.

This is my cat Happy’s very own website and she is not pleased.

She wants more sales. I do not blame her. I have entered into negotiations to obtain at wholesale what we consider the best cat toy ever. It is not really a toy more of a hiding place/tunnel. Happy loves hers.

I am going to refresh and refocus her site on that product. Negotiations will be concluded next week.

It helps that I have over 1000 photos of her to choose from for the refresh. The site will be ecommerce and also educational about how to best relate to cats and have them be healthy members of your family for a long as possible.

On my own site I am going to put some effort and time into it. Among other things I will be putting up some sample websites. You will see some of the very popular “One Pager” style sites.

Because at the end of the day, the goal is BUSINESS. I will also be adding some more ecommerce products to my own site.

There are many ways to do ecommerce in WordPress, but my favorite is definitely WooCommerce. It has the power and flexibility to do just about anything.

I am also testing out two top tier managed WordPress webhosts. WPEngine and Flywheel. Folks, these two companies changed the game when it comes to hosting WordPress websites.  I love WPEngine for its state of the art features and great support. And Flywheel for its elegant simplicity and great support. This blog you are reading is hosted on Flywheel and Happy’s site is hosted on WPEngine. Let the games begin 🙂

Enjoy your weekend and drink lots of water.


PS. This week’s Professional Curmudgeon report: “There are too many damn cars on our crappy roads.”