We all love speed!

OK, WordPress hosting. You know the answer.

So you have a domain name and you have written down the business goals and calls to action for your new website. You have high quality photos/graphics and scintillating copy written. Great!

WordPress will be the framework for your new site because A. It is the coolest software on the planet and B. It let’s YOU take charge of your site. No Blog Post this week? That’s on you. No updated address information? That’s on you. WordPress really takes the reins off your website and let’s you run as fast as you want!

And speed counts. Google thinks it is important. Not the most important thing, that would still be… Content. Value to your visitors/clients/customers. But along with content comes user experience. And believe me, users like FAST. They will take all the speed you can throw at them. Take Amazon. What if, when you searched for a product, that search took 20 seconds. It would change the entire experience you had with the site. Luckily, it takes about a half second to search through millions of products. That is quite the technical feat. You do not have to be quite THAT fast.

Well, you kind of do. But most likely you will not have that many products on your website. You just want your PAGES to come up fast. Or, more accurately, your customers want your pages to come up fast.

Given that hosting has a range of about $2 per month to well over $5000 per month, how do you choose? You know, even die hard WordPress fans have a hard time choosing. There are an unlimited number of “styles” of hosting. Some are more “managed” than others. Which, may not seem like a big deal until you need a backup, or your site is down, or slow, or got hacked. In that case, a few extra $$$ for the “managed” aspect can be a real life saver.

But we never really need to go deep here on this blog. You want your site to be up and working normally (which, in this case, is hyper fast). Period. End of story. I agree. I have spent entire weeks and months learning about hosting. Who, why, what. It is not just my business but my passion.

So, for 99.99% of my gentle readers, you best choice is to have your WordPress website hosted by CapeWP.com. Because if on the very unlikely chance your website is not performing up to snuff, I will not sleep until it is. Period. End of story.

On any website there will be a kerfuffle here and there. A reboot for an upgrade, a hard drive swap with 20 min downtime. Call it planned maintenance. This is perfectly normal and unavoidable. They speak of the mythical Five Nines. That is not 99.99% uptime, but 99.999% uptime. That last nine will cost you about $10,000. Per month.

Any takers? I thought not 🙂

You will love hosting with CapeWP because if you have any questions or concerns, you can call or email me. Fast professional service. Because your website is your business.

This week was interesting because I went to the “edge of the universe” of WordPress hosting to learn as much as possible about the current technology. What a trip! There is much new hosting technology that is WordPress specific. It is one of the hottest sections of the Internet at this time. There are servers being tuned to within an inch of their life right now. Just so WordPress will run faster. How great is that? Even if your site does not generate the type of traffic that requires that level of server right now, if it ever does, I know just what to do 🙂

The graphic that you see with this post is the speed of my own humble site. Not bad. Your site will be in that ballpark as well.

Have a great weekend. I’ll probably see half of you at Stop and Shop if it snows 🙂