Cape Cod WordPress

OK, you caught me…

Last week’s blog post got away from me. The big holiday along with exploring the purchase of a WordPress business kept me busy.

As I write this, I am listening to a WordPress podcast and packing for a trip to Philly for the biggest WordPress event of the year. Maybe ever. Around 2000 people. That is a big convention!

Even this will be an abbreviated post. Lots of details regarding travel. I have never in my life taken Amtrak to Philly. So it is a brand new adventure. Which, is kind of the point.

Learning and doing new things is a big part of my “try to stay young” life style 🙂 Keeps the brain fluid and functional.

There are big changes taking place in WordPress these days. Nothing that you would really notice yet. But the end result will be an easier to use, faster and more powerful base for the software. Watching the growth of a billion dollar company (especially one that is so transparent) is fascinating in and of itself.  Change is unstoppable. So the question becomes one of how exactly to change? And how to implement that change in a manner that bet serves the WordPress community at large.

More upon my return.

When will it snow? Yes, we are at that time of year when that possibility is upon us. Even though myself and many others are still recovering from last Winter, there is something about the first snow. The white hushed covering of everything.

I hope you all are well and enjoying this holiday month.

I send you all a virtual cheese steak from Philly 🙂