Victory Motorcycle Wrapz

One of the biggest pleasures of working locally is when…

I get to work with a client who is also a friend. Joe and I have done various projects together and are always looking for additional ways to make money. We both, singularly or together focus on providing high value work. His biggest strength is graphic design whereas mine is website building and hosting (and of course WordPress). A pretty good fit for sure. Point of interest: if you drive around the mid or lower cape you will see Joe’s work. Ever go to Eastham? Joe did the town welcome sign. Brewster too. Ever see a Snow’s truck? Yup, Joe did those. Chances are wherever you go around here you will see not one but multiple examples of Joe’s work. See more about his vehicle lettering here. Got vehicle lettering needs? Joe is your man.

In the photo above, the motorcycle graphics or “wrapz” were hand designed and created with laser accuracy for a Victory “bagger” Motorcycle. As you can see in the hi rez photos, these are as near perfect as it is possible to get. Want the thin blue stripe a different color? No problem. You can mix and match the colors AND designs AND locations to your heart’s content. to the tune of over 15,000 different combinations. Each color/design/location had to be created one by one. So, Joe sat down and cranked out about 5000 different graphic files to make this happen. He is about the only guy I know who could do this. That alone represents an entire body of work that is unique on the entire Interwebs.

Then there was building the actual site, writing the copy, getting all the super hi rez photos, not to mention dealing with all the various issues that those activities brought up. Pretty much 4 or 5 months of solid work. Then came paying the programmer to do what had never been done before online. Which was make the whole thing user configurable and sweet little touches like being able to save different custom designs in your account for future use. Then came the search for the best printing house on the planet. The technology to make this level of quality “decals” is nothing short of actual rocket science.

And then lighting up all the ecommerce accounts, SSL and the shopping cart itself. And then the marketing begins. Grass roots style, contributing in forums, learning MailChimp, and getting some Google love. Whew.

CapeWP is proud to have been involved as a WordPress/ecommerce/hosting consultant. For instance, a site like this will fare better on it own server, so that is what we did.

One really cool thing is that if you bring Joe your ride, he will actually install the custom designs for you. Who else does that? No one! Like to do it yourself? Joe has complete step by step custom produced tutorial videos right on his site for your installation pleasure.

The riders I have met all seem to love riding and their bikes almost as much as I love my computer. And believe me, that is a whole lotta love 🙂

So if you know of anyone who rides, please forward this post or the link to so they can be amazed at what Joe has done. Rumor has it that other brands (yes, that brand) may be available sooner rather than later, think late Winter or early Spring.

It is pretty cool that both Joe and I have managed to shape our respective businesses so that as we age, we can do the bulk of our work from our home offices. That option did not really exist not long ago. I tip my technology hat to both of us.

Photos were taken with an iPhone 7 Plus. Superb resolution.

Enjoy the site as you ponder the truly astounding amount of work it took to build (90% Joe for sure!)

Next week I will feature another recently built ecommerce site. If you like cool shirts and Yoga, you will love these 🙂

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Victory Motorcycle and rider