One of my faithful readers…

micremembers when I was just as scared of my first computer (it stayed in box unopened for weeks) as I seem to be of my new podcast microphone. That was 25 years ago.

In my quest to learn about podcasting, both video and audio, I have learned many things already. The biggest thing, which really should not surprise me considering how much I have used the Internet to learn about tech related skills, is how much info there is available on the subject of podcasting. It seems to be never ending. YouTube rules the day here. This includes quality free info, as well as more advanced “pro” info. My mind is mush.

And then there are equipment recommendations. Software too. Mind is now soup.

The other huge thing I have learned is that those out there who have braved the initial Podcasting tribulations, is how quickly and deeply some become a very enthusiastic fan. Just like blogging back in the day (and still) it grabs people hard and they change their life around to follow podcasting into a full time career path. I really get this. It is like being in charge of a small movie. Heady stuff, for sure.

Although I am sure there are some podcast producers on the Cape, I do not know any. So, if I become so enamored, maybe it would be a great niche for me to produce podcasts for local small businesses.

My first podcast, which will be included in a blog post in 2 weeks, will be audio only. And it will most likely be short. I am working on getting the setup and processes to flow smoothly.

Things I have learned already:

How to set/change the focus on my iPhone.

How to plug a headset into the microphone so I can hear myself record.

That I might need what is called a POP filter which helps soften the P sound.

That the video camera in the iPhone 5 is good enough for the type of videos I will be producing. And that the camera in the 5S is even better.

How to put the microphone in its stand in such a way that it falls into my cup of tea.

That I may want to use the Mac portion of my computer to do the video editing (seems there is some great, and by great I mean EASY and CHEAP editing software for the Mac)

And that I have much more to learn.

And that I can do it if I break through the fear.

And that I am enjoying the process immensely.

And that Podcasting meets my criteria of being able to work from home. (with the exception of on location shoots)

Rock on,