You can learn WordPress

One of the most powerful “features” of WordPress is…

the fact that there is enough information out there and freely available on the web that anyone so inclined can learn pretty much everything there is to know about it. MySQL, PHP, HTML, dashboards, plugins, NGINX, servers, Linux, SEO, startups, Themes, security, Javascript, code, Apache and more. You get the idea. More than a few have done this very thing and gone on to become millionaires. Often in a very short time.

The other side of that coin is that all the information can seem so overwhelming so as to induce the dreaded “paralysis by analysis”. And stop just about anyone dead in their tracks. Lord knows, it stopped me. I knew about WordPress years before I decided to see what I could learn.

At I realize, to use a car analogy, that most people just want to get in and drive. Sure, they need to learn stop/left and go/right pedals and such. But they do not want to learn how to design engine parts or cast steel for the transmission parts. Or paint the car themselves.

We can hardly even remember how hard it was to learn to drive. I think one reason is that before we got behind the wheel, we were exposed to the various tasks needed to drive by being in the presence of an experienced driver for YEARS before ever getting behind the wheel. I think many new drivers had actually learned much from just being there. I mean most of us had a clue. When you have seen mom or dad release the parking brake 9000 times, you get a clue by osmosis 🙂

If you really want to learn about WordPress, you are going to somehow learn to be able to login to the WordPress Dashboard and be OK with what you see. And be able to sit with it even though you do not understand every possible menu choice and at times even want to go screaming out of the room. All that is good. But after screaming and running out of the room, you MUST somehow find what you need to come back, sit down and click something. Yes, even if that click breaks the Internet. This is a must, if you ever want to be comfortable with the power WordPress offers you. There is just no other way. No shortcut, no osmosis, no other option but to be (at first) somewhere between very uncomfortable and running out of the room screaming like your hair is on fire. And then guess what?

No, you are not going to instantly know all there is to know. But for sure, the second time you sit down and login to your WordPress website, you will definitely be not as scared as you were the first time. I guarantee this. Because this is not just how WordPress works. Folks, THIS IS HOW LIFE WORKS.

To get you started, I have used the WordPress Dashboard showing the easiest possible layout as this week’s graphic. Definitely not as complex as it gets, but just as definitely all you need to get started. For those with a further interest in learning WordPress, I will very soon be offering a product here that has the best and easiest setup of WordPress possible (about 99% pure default settings). This is because if you see a WordPress video and they have customized the dashboard and does not look like yours, well, I see that as a huge disconnect to learning.

Another way to give yourself a “college level” education about WordPress is to watch all the videos at 3 times. Each video is an average of 7 minutes. Some are a tad longer. Total time, about 2 hours. Maybe less. But if you then spend a few more hours actually doing the stuff in the videos (preferably on your new setup) you will then be dangerously close to having a marketable skill. An investment of under 10 hours could make you a more valuable employee, help you get a new/better job, or open the door to a totally new life for yourself as a designer/developer/consultant. And you can even have some fun while you are learning.

After all the brouhaha about this and that and WordPress this and that and web hosts this and that and all the digital dust settles, the above assertions are where the REAL magic of WordPress lies. It can change your life. It certainly has mine.

Rock on,