Orlando WordCamp coming up!

Somehow, in the afterglow of the Boston WordCamp, I signed up for the Orlando WordCamp this November. No idea how that happened.

Needless to say I liked the one in Boston last weekend. It was world class knowledge shared freely, often by some very high up people. One speaker, who spoke on that favorite subject of everyone’s… Web Hosting, was one of the actual programmers for WordPress itself.

Still, Orlando is a bit extreme for me as I tend to be in the Brewster, Harwich, Chatham and Orleans (although not as much in Orleans as I used to be), with a trip to Wellfleet or Hyannis being plenty of excitement.

I will post some photos soon. Here it is Friday and I realized I did not do the blog yet. Too busy eating candy 🙂

To my credit, I did send you all the coolest pumpkin on the net!

In another truly interesting tidbit, Constant Contact has again listened to me. They FINALLY have a WordPress plugin! This is truly awesome news. They also happen to be a sponsor of the Orlando WordCamp! Weird, because they were not at the Boston WordCamp and their main offices are located on route 128!

I will be setting up their plugin and you will be able to see it on this site by next week.

Also, all who are hosted with CapeWP can rest easy. You have been updated to WordPress version 3.7. I think about it so you do not have to.

Enjoy your clock changing weekend!