Philadelphia is not Cape Cod…

There are too many people (although they seemed nice) and the buildings are too big (but oh so beautiful) and it is too loud. Other than the buildings and world class art museums, it has one other bonus. It was the home of the very first WordCamp US. Historic on many levels. The first event of its type that was not in San Francisco. The venue there was simply outgrown. It was also the biggest event ever in the history of WordPress with a counted 1801 attendees.

And your local WordPress consultant was there! A part of history! Others came from as far away as Thailand and Alaska. And it will be there in 2016 as well. Having it in the same place for two years at clip saves untold hours and expenses. In 2017-18 it will be located somewhere else.

By next week I’ll put up a slide show of interesting things around Philadelphia.

There is nothing like a big city to make one appreciate the quiet and closeness to nature that is Cape Cod. As good as the trip was, coming home was by far the best part.

My wreath and lights are up. Are yours?

Rock on,