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How can a website and/or blog benefit your business?

CapeWP Small Business “Blogger” Website


You get a website built with the best software currently available. Gravity Forms, Yoast SEO, CapeWP Builder and Backup Buddy. And of course, WordPress itself. You are getting a strategic combination of software that has taken me literally years to discover and learn. Right out of the gate!

This carefully crafted website package includes 5 pages. Home, Services, Contact, About and Blog. Also Google Map, advice on how to rank better on Google, up to 10 photos, 1 video and 1 audio (video and audio to be provided by you). The main difference between this package and the Basic CapeWP Brochure Style website is the addition of a Blog section (great for SEO and customer conversion) and an email list signup form geared to generate an email list for you using your MailChimp account. (MailChimp itself is free.)


What will your site look like? It will look like this one that you are looking at now. Or the "demo" photo. Except be completely different. This site is tailored to my likes, preferences, services and style. Your new website will be tailored to your preferences and services.

Your new website will be mobile device friendly. It will look great on tablets and phones. The current word for this is RESPONSIVE.

Your existing logo will be used. If you have no logo, a text placeholder will be used until you get one. A basic color scheme will be agreed upon.

We will focus on one "call to action". It may be to get your phone ringing, get your contact form filled out, sign up for your blog or email list. Or maybe to watch a video about your company.

The site will be hosted by CapeWP.com. Simply the fastest and most responsive host in the business. You will use your same email that you use now. Unless you opt for a business class email that I offer separately.

You will get the benefit of my years of experience with WordPress websites and SEO. It is a fact. I have spent approximately 3 years refining this unique offering. Waiting patiently until technology matured in some areas and until things became easy enough for anyone to be fully engaged with their website. Some want to manage their own site, some do not. That is why I offer an add-on package for training. And basic videos available to all. But the important thing here is that no one offers a better easier to use website right out of the box. NO ONE.

This offering represents my singular focus on providing the best product for you that is possible anywhere near this price point. Keep in mind it is not a fit for everyone. It is not meant to be. It is meant to benefit the small business owner/solo entrepreneur/service provider who needs a quality website up fast with no baloney. And does not want to be tied in any way to outdated software.

And who requires a website than can easily grow according to your business demands/changes.

I look forward to serving your small business website needs. And answering any questions you may have.