Progress and surprises…


What a week! Big humid, big traffic, big holiday. Drive safely.

I made, as you can see from the photo (click for bigger view), excellent progress on downsizing my computer and neatening up desk.

And in the process, I surprised myself. To be precise, one reason I was making the switch was because I had experimented one too many times with Windows and it was acting funky. I had moved the same install of Windows to about 5 computers over the years, each time promising myself I would do a “fresh” install, instead of cloning it. Cloning is great, but nothing beats a “fresh install”. However, that also means all software needs to be reinstalled as well. With 25 digit install “keys” and cd’s that were lost long ago that can be a real pain. So I put it off. And off.

Well, after getting the Mac mini setup, I found I could not, after 3 days of trying, install Windows 8 the way I wanted to. So I tried to convince myself that running it in what is called Virtual mode would be OK. I gave it a go, and at some point decided that maybe I could do my website work from the Mac alone, doing s full switch from Windows. And that it might actually be easier to do that than to fix Windows the way it needed to be fixed. (fresh install)

In setting up the mini, I had learned a fair bit about how to navigate the Mac, so I leveraged that knowledge to learn a few more things like how to create a new folder and copy files, etc. Then I analyzed what software I actually needed to do my WordPress website work. Low and behold, I only needed about 6 programs. Most of which were 100% compatible and many of which were also free. Due to the fact that I had re-invented my business so I could work totally from my home office, or anywhere really, and the fact that much of what I do involves online services, whether I use Windows or Mac was a non issue. So I said, “What the heck” and within 2 days I was fully up and running with all data moved over and all programs I need to work installed.

I like many things about it, and there are some I do not. The main thing I learned is how similar both Operating Systems are. And Adobe still wants to take over the Mac just the way it does with Windows 🙂 I will not be using an Anti-virus software for now, but will exercise my usual caution.

As I was scouting around all the stuff that comes with the Mac, I stumbled across an amazing Chess Game. I had forgotten what a stimulating game Chess is. And I cannot even come close to beating the computer. I get the feeling it toys with me. More challenging than Solitaire for sure.

This is my first post from the new setup. I am liking the Mac mini in a huge way, and have found that there is quite a club out there of people who feel similarly about this cool looking small computer. It is fast and silent. I have light bulbs that make more noise than this computer 🙂

Almost forgot, the turning point was that my favorite program, Outlook, was available on the Mac and operates exactly the same! Outlook rules for this outlaw!

Rough estimate is I have been using Windows for almost 25 years. Thank you Mr. Gates for all the fun! After 25 more years, I will write a post on which I like better!

Enjoy your holiday. The traffic requires, as usual, herculean patience.