Progress not perfection…

progress not perfection


Short version: Websites are not magic money machines. Unless you work very hard to make them so.

All things considered, having, growing and using your email list is one of the top three things you can do to enhance your business.

I originally intended to make this Podcast about 15 minutes long. Somehow it ended up being almost 45 minutes long. I made a conscious effort to not have too many ums and ahs. Not an easy task. But I must master it if I want to get to the level of professionalism I am shooting for.

The important distinction to take away here is that the website itself and the marketing of that website are two separate things. Which, if done properly, mesh completely at the point where your visitor takes the action or actions that you have guided them to take.

I will be listening to an advanced webinar on Podcasting from the good folks at CopyBlogger. These folks are true Masters of the Game. Some of the most talented people in marketing on the planet hang around at CopyBlogger.

Links mentioned in show:

Next week, I may talk about the importance of branding.

Have a wonderful weekend.