Intel NUC 5th generation

A few random tidbits…

A friend has the dreaded Crypto Locker malware. He will need to reformat and install everything again. That is the only way to be sure all that crap is gone. The only way. Sure, half measures can maybe get you by. But a reformat is the only way to be sure that it is all really gone.

This is 2015. The best way to prevent such a malware attack is… to have a backup of ALL your files. Go right now to and click a banner, sign up and start backing up automatically. And understand that this does not actually prevent such malware from infecting your computer. But it is the very best defense against it, should you happen to wake up to the dreaded Crypto Locker Malware screen on your computer one day.

This, for those who have been under a rock, is when the bad guys encrypt all your business and personal document files on your computer and request big money to encrypt them. And it is worse because they only accept certain very inconvenient forms of payment.

The other good idea regarding this situation would be to Google for “the best way to prevent malware” and study up and develop a policy for your employees that use computers in your office to follow. A wise and informed user can be the best defense against malware. By far.

The newest version of Norton locks down your computer pretty tight. Sometimes so tight that your software no longer works. That is life in the big city. Then time needs to be spent on how to “loosen” Norton. But even such a strong program does not prevent all malware. See previous paragraph πŸ™‚

I use 1Password to manage my login credentials. It allows me to keep a separate random password for every service I interact with. I don’t know most of my passwords at all; I just let 1Password handle them for me. 1Password is now available in Mac App Store.

OK, onwards. If I were setting up a new office with say 3 to 5 employees, I would actually go with Macs. Not 100% malware free, but generally better than Windows. And I would go with the Mac mini (but not one without an SSD) or the iMac all in one unit. Both are easier to manage and maintain and neater than large old fashioned computer boxes. Which, even on a good day, take up way too much space, add to cable clutter and need to be dusted out often. Plus they use more electricity.

The ideal computer would be no computer. Just a monitor, mouse and keyboard (the Apple iMac comes super close to this.) Because unless you are a young person who craves bragging rights (pretty much always a gamer) or a person who needs all the power a big old fashioned box can offer for their mission critical work, it is not about the computer anymore.

It is about being connected to the Internet. Period. End of story.

And for business software, Microsoft Office 365 is by far the best way to go for things like Word and Excel and Outlook. No more cd’s ever! Google apps is OK too, but I lean towards Microsoft in this space hands down. Works on Mac’s or Windows.

Here is a link to the only Windows computer that I recommend. By a little company you may have heard of called… Intel. Of course, never by ANY computer these days without an SSD. These little beauties will very often hook on the back of your current monitor. Properly out of the way. And guess what? With an SSD installed, this humble and tiny machine will spank any of those dated old big boxes in your office. You will quickly understand what a modern computer can do. Save hours per year just in the time saved to boot up. HINT: Wait for the just released models to be available. Known as 5th generation.

I enhanced everyone’s website who hosts with by adding state of the art web server software called Litespeed. This means that your website can handle more traffic. Lots more. Let’s make 2015 about more traffic to your website!

Did you know? WordPress makes a great hobby! Not every website has to make millions of dollars. Many make nothing. But the owner enjoys learning and communicating and practicing self expression. This type of learning keeps the brain fresh and young πŸ™‚

If you were thinking about taking up say, knitting, I ask you to consider WordPress instead of or in addition to. I think you would like it.

Enjoy the snow, stay safe.