As you read this, my website will be residing…

***** Please ignore the parts about StudioPress banner ads. I have gone a different direction. *****

on a new server. Not for any reason, but because I like to try different upstream hosts. I like to experience the different onboarding processes, the style and quality of support. Will it be faster? Slower? Better uptime? FYI I average about 99.994% uptime for myself and my clients so that will for sure be hard to beat 🙂

You, the gentle reader of this blog post, would never be able to tell that this website is now sitting on a new server. Over the decades, I have had the privilege and pleasure of trying many webhosts. I cannot remember one I did not like. And whether luck or skill, I also cannot remember one that did not provide me with excellent service. I really love web hosting. I always have. I remember my first time trying to learn cPanel. I was overwhelmed for months! CPanel is a de facto standard software for web hosters. It allows you to do just about anything without having to become a Linux programmer. It always helps to know a little about code, and that pretty much describes me.

CPanel has been around longer than me. And I cannot remember a time when it ever caused me a problem, other than the big problem between my ears 🙂 And I have been using it for over 20 years. I mean, try saying that about Microsoft Word, right? Yeah, good luck with that 🙂 Reliability is paramount with any type of hosting software and cPanel does not disappoint. They are on version 70 or so. Yikes!

Although many web hosts similar to me hand off a cPanel account to their clients, I know that my clients have way less than zero interest in that at all. It is the best software ever for people that want to learn a bit about Linux and web hosting. Bar none. I would estimate that their market share for control panel software is about 85%. Not bad! It makes doing thanks that would normally be really daunting and complex doable with a couple of mouse clicks. Well played cPanel, well played.

Is it for you? Probably not. Unless you are a do it yourselfer and really want to stretch that brain a bit. But I will tell you this, if you do, it will be fun. And challenging. I guarantee it.

And just when you think you have made progress, then you find out about something called WHM. This is cPanel’s big brother. It controls ALL the cPanel accounts on the server. So if you thought cPanel itself was daunting, you are in for a world of hurt with WHM. But then light will begin to dawn. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. It will keep you off the street corners for sure 🙂

Let me know if you are interested and I will recommend a great host for your first cPanel experience. About $10 per month or so.

I tip my tech hat to all the folks at cPanel. Thanks for all your hard work and your insanely reliable software.

OK, back to the new server. is now hosted at StudioPress. I have been a fan and a member of StudioPress for almost a decade. There are no smarter people on the planet when it comes to website marketing. It is like they have a direct pipeline to the marketing gods. They offer a hosted WordPress solution that is unique in many ways. They give you free Pro Themes and the WordPress framework known as Genesis. This is by far the most popular WordPress framework and these folks take their software seriously. Very seriously. Their hosting infrastructure is top notch. Their support is as good as it gets.

What spurred me to try it is that someone wanted me to recommend a way for them to get started with WordPress. This is a big problem for me because I know so very many ways to accomplish this, and new ways are coming online every day. At the end of the day, I recommended StudioPress to this person. This assumes they are interested in really setting up a professional website. StudioPress has so much more to offer the serious user than just hosting. But why pay for that if you are not going to use it.

If a person just wants to test the waters, near zero cost and minimal effort, then head on over to and have at it. And whatever is going on over there now is about to change drastically. And we are all hoping this means easier. Because as we all know, easy is fun. Hard is not fun. I say in the first quarter will get easier to use. (Not that it is hard now. It is not. But more easy is always good) Easier to create a post or page. And that is a good thing. There is much bruhaha in the WordPress community regarding this rather LARGE change. It is scary because it effects so may websites, people and companies. Like really alot! The word you may hear bandied about is Gutenberg. Yup, the printing press guy. That is the name for this change. Gutenberg. So apropos in so many ways. It is the overall goal of WordPress to give all people the ability to publish. And lord knows, the Gutenberg printing press sure did alot to further that same goal, right? More than “moving the chains”. More like 50 touch downs with double extra points on every one 🙂 As I was speaking to this possible new WordPress person, I talked myself right into getting a StudioSite for myself. I realized that I had never tried this aspect of their service and as always, I like to test tings before I recommend them. In this case, knowing who the StudioPress folks are, I had zero worries about anything .

All this got me thinking about the focus of my own One cool advantage to being a sole proprietor is that I can pivot as hard and as often as I want. Case in point, you will notice an ad for StudioPress at the bottom of this post. And all my back posts. Because, at the end of the day, if you want to do WordPress, StudioPress will delight and amaze you for many years to come.

I may decide in 2018 to become a StudioPress only shop. This way I could have two offerings. Here ya go, get your own account and have fun and I make an affiliate fee. Or, hey, let’s build you a website and I will take care of every little thing. And you pay me.

I have followed about as closely as one can without being arrested the owners of StudioPress. There are two main partners and I have listened to every podcast and read every tweet of each over the past 5 years or so. These are people who understand deeply the core of how business gets done. Just when I think I have learned all they have, they amaze me with a whole new level of business, tech and software understanding. I tip my tech hat to Brain Gardner and Brian Clark. I mean seriously guys, GREAT JOB!

So if you are intrigued by the StudioPress do it yourself but with our help concept, click the banner below, get yourself a StudioSite and have at it. WordPress is the funnest thing to learn in this universe. I guarantee it. Please click all my banners so I can make tons of money while I sleep. This is a true bucket list thing I want to do, LOL.

If I do go all in with StudioPress, or even if I do not, I will be making some changes to my site. So, get ready for that excitement.

In the meantime, I truly wish you all the best for this holiday season and New Year 2018.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a “Hey, what’s up? Let’s do some WordPressing in 2018!