Reliability, speed and scalability…

Web Site Traffic


is pretty much what webhosting is all about. Just like all other things tech, there is no magic hosting button that, when pushed, creates the perfect webhost for all hosting needs, never needing any further input. Really, nothing could be further from the truth.

Reliability means that when a visitor visits your website, the website is up and available. No matter what time day or night.

Speed means that said website comes up FAST when a visitor clicks around to explore your content.

Scalability is where things get interesting very quickly.

Any host can handle a website that gets 10 visitors per day. Or 100 visitors per day. At 1000 visitors per day, things heat up a little bit. Server tuning or lack thereof will show up as a bigger factor. Other things such as image size and quality of the underlying code also come more into play. Also the type of hosting account and quality of hardware will be more critical. Any decent host should be able to handle this traffic without really breaking a sweat.

And, as you may have guessed, add another factor of ten, and that is where things get interesting hyper fast. At 10,000 visitors per day many inexpensive hosting accounts would likely slow down, possibly to the point of being unusable. Even on a very high quality host such as my own things would need to be reevaluated, super tuned, and possibly upgraded to a dedicated server just for that one website. And guess what? The price for that level of hosting would be quite possibly a few hundred dollars per month instead of a few hundred per year. At the next jump, 100,000 visitors per day, and you can be sure you will need to upgrade your hosting account/server. And you will need to have some hosting professionals around to keep that server humming along. That must be some king of widget you are selling!

But rejoice! Because with that kind of traffic, you would be making some pretty good money! Most likely very good money, so a few more dollars for hosting would not be an issue.

I would make an educated guess that a really large company like Amazon might pay at least $100,000 per month for hosting and that could also be much higher. With sales of millions of dollars per hour, I do not think they are too worried about their hosting bill 🙂

Alas, the websites hosted by do not get that level of traffic yet. It takes the right product and the right marketing as well as social media and SEO (I mean, for instance, a landscaper on Cape Cod is just not going to ever get the type of traffic that a national company will.) The websites I host are nevertheless quite successful, mainly because of a high conversion rate from the traffic they do get. And that is another blog post. Conversion rates are one of the most important and often the most overlooked methods of determining the success of a given website.

Bring on the traffic! If your website happens to get mentioned on Oprah, your traffic will go through the roof! The trick is to know in advance so appropriate steps can be taken. will be happy to help solve the problem of too many visitors to your website 🙂