fiber optic cable

Report for the week…

The GeekGirl tech conference in Harwich was a great success. I stayed for about an hour. I spoke to the good people at OpenCape about fiber optics. Very interesting.

In the photo above, see the thin green “wire”. Keeping in mind that the entire cable with all the colored “wires” wrapped around it is about the diameter of a nickel. So the thin green one that I am speaking of is the size of a thread in your sweater.

And the man said that IF I were lucky enough to have that little “thread” spliced off to my house that I would have about 25 times the speed that Comcast is giving me. It truly boggles the mind. All HD movies, all the music on YouTube, all the website data, and all the Amazon ecommerce comes thru that little tiny “wire” which is really made of glass. With plenty of room to spare!

Ah, but that will not be happening at the residential level for a long time. It is already happening at the Enterprise level, and be thankful that it is because that one cable is what is keeping our dear Cape Cod current by today’s business Internet standards.

I hope your week was productive and enjoyable. They seem to go by so fast these days.

Dance in the rain.