Small Business of the month!

It is Friday night, late even for me to be doing a post for Saturday AM. I heard the following line when listening to a WordPress podcast. “Being an entrepreneur, I always hundreds of ideas. But this one I was actually able to pin down, design and execute upon to the point where an actual product was ready for sale.”

I could sure relate to that. I have always wanted to do a blog post that featured one of my clients. This post is proof that I was able to wrestle the idea into reality. In this case, it is a client I have been working with since about 1997. I have done work for him. He has done work for me. And we have collaborated on yet more work.

In this instance it is the amazing amount of work he has done for those in our local community who have needed a vehicle of any type lettered. Boats, cars, and especially trucks. Proudly introducing… Joe Rees.

You will get your vehicle lettering needs fully met. In a professional and timely manner. And if you live on Lower Cap Cod, you have already seen Joe’s work. Have you ever seen a Snow’s truck driving around town? Yup, that’s Joe. Not to mention the fact that he was the lead designer on the team that came up with the current Cape Cod License Plate. There is not enough space in this post to list all the companies whose trucks have seen Joe’s hand.

For more info head on over to

Although not fully fleshed out yet (Joe is always busy… lettering trucks!) it is up, it shows examples of his work and how to contact Joe. This website also happens to come up NUMBER ONE on Google for “Cape Cod Truck Lettering”.

And to give credit where credit is due, that is because specializes in local business websites that get UP and get DONE and are Google friendly.

So if you are anyone you know needs a vehicle lettered up, contact Joe Rees at today!

And let’s do as much business locally this Holiday Season as possible!

Happy Veteran’s Day. Let’s also take a moment to thank all those who have served. And do serve. And will serve.