So how is your Fall going?

Engaging and enjoyable I trust. I am very grateful for the lack of humidity. And the crispy walking weather.

I even took a 12 hour road trip to Chatham. The one in New York. Nothing but rolling hills, open space and trees, along with farms. Many of them. A nice change.

I planned on having a nice ad for a new Anti Virus software that I think is pretty cool. But you will need to wait till next week for it as they are slow to approve my affiliate status.

And one thing I decided during my short break from this blog is that I am going to seriously attempt to generate some affiliate income. It is the true miracle of the Internet. I recommend quality software, tried and tested by me, and you purchase said software and do not have to pay any more than if you went directly to that site for your purchase. I get a small percentage, you get great software, they get a sale. Win win win.

The thing is, it does not work unless a proper volume of sales is generated. And that, folks, is where the actual work comes in. Over the years I have probably generated maybe a total of $250 in affiliate sales. The fact that it covers 15-20 years of being online means that I have failed miserably. And yet I get up again and will be giving it further battle. Because that is what I do.

One of the tricks is to not go too wide. Keep things manageable, rather than becoming an affiliate for anything that moves online. And the next most important “trick” is to provide enough value for people to trust your recommendations. Those of my readers who have been around for awhile no doubt know that I have recommended quality backup software and anti-virus software for two full decades.

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So that will be a perfect place for me to start. After that, maybe some WordPress software recommendations. Also very close to my heart 🙂

And so it begins. Again.

Let’s get ready to rock the Fall and see what interesting things come up in the wonderful world of WordPress and tech.