So many possibilities in 2016…

I write this on the first night of the first day of the new year. Optimistic by nature, I see a year that is full of possibilities for a better life for us all. I have already been for two roughly 30 minute walks today. Not bad, considering all I wanted to do was lie on the couch and watch TV and eat 🙂

I have spent the last five or six years learning how to do a blog post in WordPress. Now, there is a little banner in my WordPress control panel that says, “Hey, how about giving the new method of creating a blog post a try?”

I gotta say, this is not really what I want to see. I am already fine with the old way. Yes, it is cludgy, and maybe a bit dated, but it works. And I know how to work it.

So I gave the new way a try, not wanting to be a total stick in the mud, at least not yet. And low and behold, something went awry and I had to revert back to the old way to get this post done.

Ouch. I feel your pain of learning WordPress, I really do. I will figure out what went wrong, and learn to fix it. But the point is, learning something new is not easy. I will do a future blog post on why the “new” way may be better. Of course, I will have to learn it myself first to figure out which I like better. Like many things in tech, the old way is not going to disappear anytime soon, but for sure, it will disappear eventually. I say we have at least two years with the old, maybe more.

I am working on the WordPress video learning website, so you can still go there and get free access to about 100 professionally produced WordPress video tutorials. Yes, it may be a bit lean and mean on the design side, but hey, I am doing many projects at this time. It may even be somewhat funky as far as navigation too. Because you see, how I did the entire site was…

I followed along with a 20 minute video. Step by step. In the video he said those most famous of words… “Do not overthink this. Just follow along and be assured that this is guaranteed to be the easiest and quickest way to get a website like this up and running.” And at the end, well, there were issues but that is another story.

One thing is that this video (not part of the set I am offering, BTW) conked out after abut 12 minutes. I will revisit and see if I can get it running for the full 20 🙂

The details, design, troubleshooting and tweaking are the things which take time. And effort. Which is fine with me because that is what I do. And I will get to them. Because I believe that 2016 will be the year that the world finds AMAZING and INCREDIBLE and POWERFUL value in Learning WordPress.

And I am going to help those of you that may want to come along as best I can. Hint: Videos will play a key role in this. Because there is nothing in WordPress that a person cannot learn to do by watching a video. Keep in mind, I am not talking about programming, installing, troubleshooting or any of that stuff. I am talking about being comfortable adding pages and blog posts to your website. And making changes to the menu, and maybe adding a widget. My dad actually is a rocket scientist. I assure you, I am not 🙂

Welcome to 2016, where, thanks to WordPress and others, everyone can have a voice on the Internet.

I now look forward to the rest of what works out to be a three day weekend. Mankind’s greatest invention!

Enjoy your New Year! Welcome 2106.

And stay tuned because next week I will give you a HUGE tip in how you can optimize your video learning.


Bonus: I am including a screen shot of the old way of working with WordPress. Compare that with last week’s post screenshot of the new way and see which looks better to you. See below.