Sorry for repeat emails, here’s what happened…

The work of a good web host is never done. Part of my job is to keep a sharp eye on current technology as it pertains to website hosting. I always have a short list of quality upstream hosts that I think would do a great job. Because one never knows what can happen. I mean GM went bankrupt right? Reliability is number 1. And although every year changes take place, much like a car, often there are no compelling reasons to change every year. But after say three years, then things can be different. So, roughly every three years, I do a little testing.

My own site has gotten pretty big what with all the weekly blog posts over all the years, so it makes a good test site for new servers to use as a host. One can get a better sense of speed than from a simple one page website.

So, I proceeded to download a full copy of my site and upload it to two or three different hosts. Since I had never had the MailPoet plugin before, I had no reason to think that it would somehow, during this process, reset itself, with the result being that it resent a previous email. I had received this errant email myself, but due to the time delay of an hour or two, I did not immediately put the two events together. And I was hoping against hope that it was sent only to me as the Admin of the site. But alas, no such luck. Seems it went to  my entire list.

I do not blame Mailpoet itself. It could be a bug, it could be a feature, who knows? This stuff gets super complex and sometimes stuff happens.

I assure you that I am done testing for now, and if I test in the future, I will delete Mailpoet first.

This whole Interwebs thing is quite the learning experience.

Photo was taken at Flax Pond, Nickerson State Park. The walk around that pond is quite challenging. Many roots to look out for. And I would not want to do it in the dark. Not at all. The path is unclear at a few points. Part of the challenge. Reminder to self: it gets dark EARLY.

Being outside and moving and breathing fresh air is truly a wonderful gift.

Will I see you on the trail?