Summer heat, need cool air now…

How was your week? Mine was good with a strong dash of humidity. I spent much of the week researching a great website company called A funny name. But they are super serious about great websites.

And it might appeal to you. True “one stop shopping”. Anything you might need your website to do from Blogging to eCommerce is already there just waiting for you. So there is less fragmentation and third party influences than say, WordPress 🙂

Yes, those of us that do WordPress everyday are aware that it is not easy. It is doable, but not without some “skin in the game”. And it is this very fragmentation that causes a higher learning curve.

You may have heard Weebly or Wix or SquareSpace on the radio. They are the main players in the “Free Easy do it yourself in 15 minutes” website service arena. I have looked at them all and recommend Weebly. They are all good. I like Weebly best. I like its state of the art Drag and Drop page builder.

But are they really free? Not even close. Oh yeah, maybe if you want their ads placed all over your site, but really, the upsells come fast and furious. Get ready. They are quite reasonable, but can add up. This is true of ANY online website offering, not just Weebly. Even with WordPress’s offering in this space at the upsells are a bit much.

The thing is this. Even though these are arguably the easiest way on the planet for a regular person who basically surfs and does email, to build their own site, you will still need to spend time and energy learning how it works. So much so, that there is actually a market for people like me to do a Weebly site for you. Being as people like me are online many hours per day and have built many websites using many technologies, learning a new “system” is just not a big deal.

The benefit for you is that due to the ease of use and having everything in one place, we can do this for you at as low a cost as possible.

I mention all this because I may be offering this service as a Weebly reseller. A good solid website up fast. At a highly competitive price. I need another week to ponder the various possibilities. And Weebly themselves are putting the finishing touches on their reseller program.

I may just decide to offer my own version of this service. Basically a slimmed down version of WordPress that sticks to basics and due to “creative packaging” and streamlined production processes is able to keep the cost low. I may very well offer both services too.

Your first website at $395 will get you to your second website. Just fine. Or, the $395 website may be all you need. It just depends.

Stay tuned for CapeWP’s offering in this exciting category.

And on a different note, if you enjoy healthy food, by all means head to Brewster and check out Karma Foods – This could truly change your life. Those that know me know I take lunch more seriously than anything else, except websites, of course 🙂 Check it out, it has Dave’s 5 Star rating! Hint: I sometimes get a nice salad for dinner to go as well.

Rock on.


This week’s Professional Curmudgeon Report: I did not move to Cape Cod to listen to your leaf blower! Or weed wacker. Or chainsaw. Or your old crappy lawnmower that sounds like a DC3. Quit being selfish and have some concern for your neighbors’ peace of mind. I could care less how green your damn lawn is. We all know that brown is the proper color for a lawn on the Cape. Go back to New Jersey.