Thank God it is Friday!

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I’ll probably do some website work over the weekend, but that is because I like to keep up with my projects and cannot handle any extra pressure on Mondays. (crazy, but I would rather work the entire weekend than have Monday looming)

Yet I still love Fridays! I think this is pretty much the dilemma of the freelancer. We have the freedom to work when we please, and yet deadlines still must be met one way or another. Beats sitting in a cubical for 20 years and a gold watch 🙂 And I am pretty sure these days even the gold watch is not a given.

Good thing I love website building and hosting. Other than my cat, I love nothing more.

And the website design and hosting works best when connected to solving a business problem for a client. Local business websites are different in that they need to be visible on Google and need to convert into a “call to action”. Often either making the phone ring or filling out a form to request services.

In other words, these sites are never going to get huge amounts of traffic that online software service sites or large online product stores will get. That is perfectly OK. As long as they get their piece of the pie, and keep up with current technology.

But make no mistake, every detail is still super important. Well optimized photos with Google friendly file names, a proper robots.txt file, registration with Google, H1 tags, SEO friendly well written copy, an up to date SEO optimized Blog, good accessibility, and a myriad of other details all combine to make for a successful local business website.

And all the above are not just a one time deal. Ongoing attention is the order of the day.

2017 will be the best year ever for CapeWP and my clients. Al domain names are moved over to Hover. New website backup strategies are being implemented. State of the art software that brings new levels of website goodness to WordPress is in place.

All to being new technology to your website more easily, more quickly providing the best value on the Internet to CapeWP clients.

About the photo, I have always been a big fan of Still Life photography. I took it in my house.

Engage with life. Engage with your website.


Survive a PC disaster with a free trial of Carbonite cloud backup!