And that’s a wrap for 2016!

Whew. What a year. I am looking forward to peace and prosperity for all in 2017. Also more WordPress websites, more WordPress Hosting ,and more WordPress blog posts.

I am currently working on somewhere between two and four WordPress websites. They will be coming online starting in the first half of January 2017. And I have tuned up all my web hosting servers for 2017.

One big change is that I am changing my domain name registrar from Namecheap to Hover. Hover is easier to use for my clients to register their own domain name. Easier for me too 🙂 And it offers a quick and cheap way to get domain based email if for some reason my business class email is not right for them. (like if they have an email address they want to keep).

I do not do this lightly as their is a cost involved. Plus it is extra work I do not get paid for. But as we all know, that has never stopped me from providing the very best hosting and email experience on the Internet for my clients bar none.

I believe this simple change will make it easier for people to get their own website online in 2017. Because that, at the end of the day, is the reason for the existence of Because we WordPress folks are so in tune with the power and benefits of websites, WordPress and the online experience, we tend to want everyone else to enjoy and benefit from this too.

Easy Actionable Tip: If you have a local business website that functions well, but generally gets low traffic (like most local biz websites, unlike say Google or Amazon) and you happen to know you will be mentioned on the local news channel, The Today/Morning Show, or even Oprah or Ellen, here is what to do:

Tell your webhost! Sure, sometimes you may not have much or any advance notice, but even still, call your webhost IMMEDIATELY. This way, they can prepare for the serious uptick in traffic your website will receive.

I try not to brag too much, but I do believe that, at great time and expense to myself, I have honed my skills to the degree that I can prepare your website super quick for increased traffic. Think “fastest gun in the West”. The less one brags about that, the safer one is 🙂

However, the point remains that if you do not do this, and your website fails due to more traffic than it can handle, you will lose both credibility and dollars.

Out with 2016, in with 2017.

Let this be the year you begin your WordPress adventures.