The desktop is dead! Or is it?

I hope not, because I have one to sell 🙂 Why am I selling? Because it takes up to much space. I am hoping someone who does not care about such things happens to need the pure power this beast has to offer. It will be replaced by a computer that is over ten times smaller. And yet is still not the smallest desktop available by far. It also happens to be a Mac. A Mac mini to be specific.

Rest assured, I have not switched alliances 🙂 It will be running Windows. Which is what I use to do my work. (Whether it will be Windows 7 or Windows 8, I cannot be sure. I like them both.) Sure, I could probably switch over to the Mac OS X software, I simply have no desire to do so. And I am completely and totally set in my ways. Other more famous bloggers than me have done stories detailing step by step the exact precise processes by which they attempted same. But that is a different blog post. This one focuses on the fact that desktops are not dead. They have just gotten smaller. And are still plenty powerful for what 90% of users need.

The pros are that I will use less electric power (not a huge deal), I will have less space and cables cluttering my work space, and I will have the power necessary to do my work quickly.

The cons are pretty much none. It is a bit harder to work within, but I only intend to open it once and then never again, so no biggie there. (Newsflash: I got snakebit! Yep, the video I had of how to take apart the mac mini was a bit off, and those things are small inside. Really small. I had no glasses strong enough. I tip my tech hat in deference to the factory workers that build these units. Thank you! As for me, I will take the darn thing to the Mac shop in town and let them have at it. I have plenty of hours of work to do setting up the software still to do.)

The Mac Mini and the Intel NUC (various flavors) are the two smallest desktops out there that would easily power any office computer needs. You will be seeing more of these around. You heard it here first. Less space, less cable mess, and works with your existing monitors, keyboards etc. And in an office with 10 or 25 computers, the power savings could add up.

Some of you may remember that I switched my email client away from Outlook to my online email client. Well, I switched back. I just like Outlook too much, or I am too used to it. I will use the webmail feature of my Business Class Email when I need to, but at my beloved home office Outlook is here to stay. Outlook 2010 to be precise.

Timely Tech Tip: Get an external disk drive and back your stuff up onto it. Just like you never know when the water heater will burst, you never know when your hard drive will “retire” itself. You know how when Laurel and Hardy would fall off a ladder and would manage to break the entire house on the way down? I recently had a computer meltdown of similar proportions. Purely on a Wing and a Prayer, I was able to rebuild. But the whole time I was really glad I had a backup. Or three.

It has been the best weather we have seen all year. I make sure I am able to enjoy some outside time each day. And I was fortunate to have some friends visiting from far away to share some dinners with. Happy Summer 2013 to all!

There just may be some midweek photos of the amazing transition of computers, before and after so to speak. Wouldn’t that be fun!

Next week, back to WordPress!