The Fall weather continues…

WordCamp Boston

What a gift! Great for an afternoon walk. Or just about anything. Especially attending a business conference which pertains to your business. Mine is the upcoming WordCamp Boston. All about WordPress for the whole weekend.

One of the most interesting ideas I stumbled across this week was … Teach WordPress early in school. What a great skill to have in this modern data, media and information driven world.

Last week you got a little bit of an idea what a plugin for WordPress is. Gravity forms. You can see an example or two on my own site here. But did you know that there are 50-60 NEW plugins for WordPress each… day??? It is true. They are not all super premium plugins like Gravity forms, but some will surely develop into super star status in time. The rest are good solid (for the most part) plugins that help you and me, for free!

A practical angle on this means that if there is something you want your WordPress website to do and there is not solution currently available, often just waiting a week will “create” your solution. I know, I have tried it successfully more than once!

You may have noticed that I have played around with the color scheme on this website. Some other more subtle stuff too. This is one of the many great features of most WordPress themes. Big changes easily and quickly. Don’t like them after a week? Change right back. It is called… flexibility. A huge plus.

The secret is out. Not only can a WordPress website help your business but it is also fun!

Enjoy your weekend,