The struggle continues…

This is Podcast number seven. Which means my intensive “school of hard knocks” course where I teach myself Podcasting is 7 weeks in. This week’s is 26 minutes long. Which is not long by podcast standards, but a bit longer than usual for me. (The average Podcast I listen to is between 24 minutes and well over an hour. I listen while I walk or in the car.)

Although I kind of sort of have the “sound engineer” part down, it took me more than a few hours at the computer in full learning mode to reach that level of “expertise”. And I have really just scratched the surface. And yet, for the purposes of producing a podcast, one does not have to be a Led Zeppelin quality sound engineer. Not even close.

So I can put a tentative check mark next to the recording part of podcasting.

Now the bigger issue looms. And that is… “What shall I make this podcast about?”. And when that is figured out, how shall I produce it in such a manner as to provide full value to my listeners while at the same time creating monetary returns for myself.

There are at least a million podcasts out there called “How to make big $$$ by Podcasting!” and variations thereof. Ironically, these are precisely what creates the “digital noise” which makes finding the truth that much harder.

And to cap it off, the podcasts I listen to are just what I would like to produce, and very well produced at that. It seems that some have a natural talent for podcasting.

Well, I guess there is only one thing for me to do. Simply keep on keepin’ on.

Practical tip: I am demoing 1Password for the Mac. And I like it alot. It manages passwords for websites. I like it better than RoboForm. Easy and simple. For those that struggle with passwords, I recommend it.

Enjoy your day.