Albert Einstein

We must be smarter than the bad guys…

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And I am quite sure that Mr. Einstein would agree wholeheartedly. First, let me wrap up last week’s list management fiasco. And tell you a little about how I planned to, if not fix, at least mitigate, the mini disaster.

Here’s what happened. Due to a filtering error (OK, user error) I deleted about 30 names from my hard earned list. I could only put them back one by one, and had no real and true way of knowing which names should not have been deleted.

So I had to look at (and therefore could not help but judge/assess each name) to try and figure out which names should and which should not have been deleted. This was the theory. Well, as I mentioned last week, this is not what a blogger such as myself is supposed to do. Ever. Because that is not the point. The point is to publish what I feel like publishing and let the cards fall where they may. People sign off and on to the list completely of their own free will. And I would not have it any other way.

I decided to drop back and punt. I made an executive decision to NOT put them all back on by one. Because the only thing worse than losing a treasured reader accidentally is to put a reader back that had trusted me that when they had unsubscribed that they would actually BE unsubscribed.

I did take the time to email those I thought had been incorrectly deleted and let them know of my error (remember, if they were accidentally signed off, they would not be privy to last week’s blog post) inviting them to let me put them back on the list if they so desired. Well, let me tell you, that got truly tiresome after just two people. So I again decided to just let it go. This was the reality 🙂

I have not heard back from either of them yet. That is fine. As you will learn if you ever decide to grow/manage a list, you need to put your Big Boy pants on first. No way around that. It is not for the feint of heart.

Funnily, one person did contact me through email way back when they had stopped receiving the Blog Posts. I explained the situation and we got him right back on the list. And he would have been one of the last people I expected to do this. Not because of any particular reason except for the fact that I had only met this person once, about 12 years ago. And only for a brief time. He was the innkeeper of a property in East Hampton LI where I stayed. As I recall, this was so long ago that AOL was still a big thing and the net was just getting started. How he remained on all my various implementations of my newsletter/Blog list is a wonderful thing. And speaks to the power of the list. If people want what you offer, they will find a way to get it. Hats off to Michael, I hope you are reading this 🙂

I was going to speak more about list management in general for this post, but then felt the need to just wrap up what I started last week. So that is the story and I am sticking to it.

I also was going to speak about security of our data. I will do that now. Here is where we need to be smart.

First, you are more responsible for your online data than you might think. I am sure you have heard of Ransomeware. This is something that you actually really and truly cannot stick your head in the sand and pretend it does not exist. But no need to worry. Because I am about to give you the secret that could save the day for you, your personal life, and most certainly your business.

Two actions you need to take.

One: Use secure passwords for everything. Period.

Two: Have a recent and restorable backup of all your important files.

I have recently forayed into both software categories that will accomplish the above.

Here are my strong recommendations.

For password security and convenience, I recommend the free version of Dashlane. I believe they are the easiest to use, and the price is right. I am a current user of 1Password, and will be moving to Dashlane. It is just easier and slicker.

For backup, I recommend our own Carbonite. I say our own because it is a Massachusetts company and I also intend to buy stock in it. Ticker symbol is CARB.

I am investing because due to the increase in ransomeware (it is truly very scary stuff) our only and I mean only defense is a good and recent backup of all valuable files. If you get hit, and you were only thinking of backing up but had not really done it yet, then you lose big. Game over.

By big I mean a cost of thousands of dollars and/or days of not weeks of downtime for your business.

You know me, and you know I try not to be alarmist for sake of fear mongering, so please believe me when I tell you to backup your stuff. And if you are going to take the 30-60 minutes (maybe less) to do that, then you also owe it to yourself and your employees and loved ones to use secure passwords and the only way to do that is to use a password manager and I recommend Dashlane as the best out there at this time. This is not the boy crying wolf. This is the wolf himself speaking.

The great news is that cost is so low as to be a non issue and that if you take the time (and yes, there is kind of a learning curve for any password manager, which is why I recommended the easiest IMHO) to do these, then you will have mitigated your risk to almost zero. That is cool. Really cool.

Because in this case, the bad guys do not have to win. Not even close. But you gotta DO IT!

And that is a wrap except for one more thing. And this is exciting and you heard it here first. CapeWP will be offering its own computer for your purchase and it will come complete with backup protection. Get ready to rock. Hard.

Enjoy your weekend,


Survive a PC disaster with a free trial of Carbonite cloud backup!