These days, one has to be fast in the business world!

And what that translates to in the online world of websites and ecommerce is simply this: Get it up fast and them proceed to make it awesome, and do it quickly, in small bites called iterations.

If you do it right, by the time you have it ready to rock, you will also be getting some decent traffic and even some… sales!

Example: I am finally doing something that I have wanted to do for a long time. Putting up some of my own photos into a gallery. Iteration one is somewhat generic. Well, about as generic as one can get in the WordPress world 🙂 An out of the box install of WordPress, the default Theme and default “gallery” plugin.

Eventually I would like to sell a few for say five bucks a pop. That will involve using a more complex gallery plugin and an SSL certificate (still one of the most PIA things one has to deal with), unless I use PayPal, which circumvents the whole SSL thing, but adds some serious resistance to purchases by adding a layer in between you and your customer. Not to mention the fact that the customer is taken away from your website to PayPal’s website.

I love PayPal, and use them often where ecommerce is not mission critical and/or for testing “proof of concepts” type of ideas.

Like I said, get it up fast and then fix the heck out of it!

To see the first iteration, visit

Click around, enjoy yourself and experience how lightning fast the site is. (hosted by, of course)

Next week will be the second iteration.

You will be amazed and impressed. Night and day baby!

Being able to mess around with stuff like this is a huge benefit from all the time I have spent learning WordPress and websites.

And the knowledge is freely available to anyone who wants to learn it. Kind of like the opposite of Harvard 🙂

Enjoy a safe and happy pre Halloween week. Time for me to buy some candy.