This data center is where…

my files are backed up. Where are yours backed up? Backblaze backs up my files automatically in the background. The very definition of “set it and forget it”. The easiest setup of any online service on the web. Really. Windows and Mac.

I have not yet been to Vegas. But I am very fond of the concept and phrase “All In”. I believe it was coined when the card game Texas Hold ’em became the hottest thing in the universe. Do not gamble with your hard work and family digital heirlooms. Click the banner below today!

So whether for business or personal files, Backblaze is your best friend. is ALL IN with Backblaze.

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Also, I have really great news for you.

I am bringing back the Podcast! Yes, you know you will be so happy!

Maybe next week, but maybe the week after. So it will be a surprise, kind of 🙂

How come, Dave? Two reasons. I enjoy it immensely. And I also sense a HUGE business opportunity for and its clients. And, arguably the best and most successful “content marketing” website on the Internet just happens to agree with me.


Backup your data.