Learning WordPress is fun!

Three great ways to learn WordPress…

Once again, I have left this post until the last minute. Good thing I handle pressure well. And I had a rough draft or three in my mind all week.

Let’s get one thing straight: WordPress is not easy. And it is not all WordPress’s fault. I mean SEO, FTP, Hosting, Linux, Servers, Content Creation, Email List Management and many other things existed before WordPress. And all those things, at one level or another are important for a successful website of any type, not just WordPress sites. And WordPress actually makes many of those easier than they might be otherwise.

But still, WordPress itself can always use some smoothing out, User Interface/User Experience enhancement and feature/bloat management are some areas that come to mind.

And there are some truly intelligent minds working on just that, and a whole lot more. Often the future of WordPress and the Web seems to be approaching at the speed of light.

But in the meantime, anyone who wants to experience the “magic” of WordPress is, at some point, going to have to sit down at the computer and learn. Focus. Study. Sweat. Be frustrated. Because that is how we learn anything. There is no way around it.

And, all the above being said, even though WordPress is not easy, WordPress is easy to LEARN. I dare say way easier than almost any other web tech out there.

So, pay attention because here are three similar yet totally different ways to learn WordPress.

One: As far as I know, Shawn Hasketh was among the first, if not the first to the party. The “Let’s help people learn WordPress” party. The venerable www.wp101.com website has been around for awhile and is always being improved upon and updated. This was certainly the first time I myself had ever seen this quality of video tutorial. No “um’s” or an “ah’s” here, no sir. (fun fact: In my podcast days, I learned precisely how hard this is to accomplish 🙂 ) So head on over there and take a look at his brand new website that really focuses on teaching you WordPress in a very professional manner.

Two: There is one and only one Bob Dunn, known more casually as BobWP. I have no idea how Bob does it, but he gets inside my head and answers the questions that I barely even know how to ask. And he has a truly unique style and approach to learning. His patience is of biblical proportion. He comes at it from many angles. Text with screenshots (shown to be one of the most popular and effective ways that people enjoy learning web stuff), videos of various lengths. Reviews of current WordPress plugins and themes. Some simply text and some just audio/podcast style. Whew, he does it all. Bob is the consummate professional. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a recent WordCamp. Bob’s website really has to be seen and experienced. Yup, as you may have guessed, www.bobwp.com.

Three: Last but not least is my own entry into the “membership and learning” style of website. Yes, the one I have mentioned for the past five or ten blog posts, www.CapeLearnWP.com. Even though I followed a veritable “paint by numbers” tutorial to build it, it was more challenging than I had imagined to get the site setup and working. I learned a lot. I give a nod here to another WordPress master, who provided the fantastic tutorial I used, Troy Dean. Troy has found a unique niche helping WordPress Agency’s up their game and income to sky high proportions. So, since this post is geared to the end user, I will save him for a separate post.

My own humble offering is a great example of what some focused study can produce with WordPress. And also a great example that a website does not have to be “perfect” in order to exist. As you compare my offering to the above professionals, you will see that there is still some very serious “fleshing out” to do 🙂 But the whole point of WordPress is to get the boat floating, and then decide what bands and food to have on the cruise. One thing, my prices are as low as they will ever be. I will be changing some stuff around, so grab it while it’s hot!And the other point that needs to be made here is that there is no one magic bullet for learning WordPress. It depends greatly on you, the student. I have used all of the above in my quest to master the beast. And many other more focused guides and tutorials as well.

Even if you bought all the “pro” versions on all the above sites, the total cost would be less than a single course at a community college. Or thereabouts. The value is truly off the charts. And the videos are not only yours for life, but are also updated as WordPress changes. Yes!

All right, that’s a wrap.

Have some fun learning WordPress. And if you have no desire to learn, and yet you need a fantastic website for your small business, well, that is why I exist 🙂

Rock on,