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Here are two tech/Internet tips you can use.

Sometimes the deep intuition comes to me and sometimes not. This time, not. So I am keeping it simple.

Chances are if you buy a new computer at retail, it has a bunch of what is called “crapware” on it. You know, all the Dropbox, AOL, eBay, Amazon etc. icons all over your brand new desktop. On a good day, it takes up space on your hard drive. On a bad day, it can make your computer slow, cause you to spend $$ that you do not need to spend, or possibly contain malware.

Sometimes, you can get a higher shelf model that does not contain this useless junk. At a Microsoft Store (retail) they have a line of computers9i  forget the exact word they use) which does not contain ANY crapware. And if you call or visit Dell’s website to purchase your new machine, watch out. Their cheaper Inspiration line comes with crap. Their business class Optiplex line does not. And they probably have some other variations, so be aware and ask.

I am not sure of the current offerings/status of Lenovo or HP. I imagine they have both variations. Buyer beware.

To a tech guy like me, the difference in the two types of machines upon initial boot is like night and day.

And back in the days of computer support, I often charged good money to re-setup a new machine to get the crapware off. FYI, they do it to keep the price down. It is a form of advertising revenue to the computer companies.

Sure, business class costs more, but it can be completely worth it.

Next: I do not know why, but the browsers that come with your computer are not the best. Safari is the worst, then Microsoft Edge. By far the better surfing experience is brought to you by Firefox and Chrome. I use Firefox. In theory I would use Chrome and I do like it. But in real life I use Firefox. Maybe because I love the logo, maybe because I am used to it. I have both on the computer (as well as Microsoft Edge, which cannot be removed). I use Firefox 98% of the time, Chrome for the rest, and Edge only for going to MSN for “news”. This is a personal preference kind of thing, but can be the first move you make in taking charge of your own computer, rather than blindly relying on what Microsoft or Apple want you to use. The other trick here whatever browser you use is to change the default search engine to Google. Your life will get instantly better. Google is your friend for how to do this.

Bonus tip: I am enjoying a malware free computer by using Webroot so you might like it too. I use the cheapest version. Very fast and totally non obtrusive.

Super Bonus tip: This is by far the most interesting computer for the average user. Home or business. I love my Dell, but will be checking this out very closely. Worth waiting a month for the latest model. It cannot be bought in stores. Amazon or the above website only.

The photo for this post is a trail off Bay Road in Harwich that I walk on. Great exercise and fresh air.

Enjoy your weekend.