Unintended consequences…

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are always, well, unintended and always exciting. Well, sometimes more so than others. You may have wondered why the last two weeks blog posts arrived on Sunday instead of the usual Saturday. Well, here is the full story.

I decided to install the new SSL security layer that is currently the rage, so that I might offer it to clients. So, I did it, it appeared to go well, I learned some things, wrestled it into proper behavior and Bob’s your uncle. Or so I thought.

When, to my horror, my carefully crafted Blog Post did not arrive on Saturday, I felt that deep panic that this digital age sometimes foists upon us techies. I had absolutely no idea why it did not go out. Mailchimp is usually like a Swiss Watch.

After much ado and hair pulling, I discovered that the SSL encryption had changed the URL of the RSS feed. Not something that immediately comes to mind because I last set that up years ago and had forgotten it was even a thing. But it made sense, so I made the adjustment and set the post to go out Sunday and that was that. Or so I thought. This is like a horror movie, the bad guys just keep on coming.

You can imagine that the NEXT Saturday when I again saw that the Blog Post had not been sent, now I was really losing it. I was sure I had changed the date back to Saturday. But at my age, who knows? So I checked and nope, Saturday was the day that was set.

So I logged into the admin section of my website and took a look around. I had noticed that a couple of things were not looking right. But when I cleared the cache that things looked better. The only caching software I install is as simple as it gets and meant to first do no harm. Alas, that was not the case here. What had happened is that the caching software kept last week’s post in memory, so MailChimp thought there was no knew post to send out. I admit I found this just by blind luck and 20 years of experience. I was quite relieved, and I will be much more relaxed when the post goes out correctly tomorrow.

I quickly uninstalled that caching software. Which is supposed to speed up websites but really only is applicable when a site gets a whole lot more traffic than mine.

Another lesson of unintended consequences learned.

Side point. Unintended consequences happen way too much in nature. We really need to either stop messing with nature completely or somehow learn to manage our intrusions with intelligence. The power company of  Cape Cod and its insane chemical defoliation when goats would do just fine is a great example of this. When will we learn. When will we ever learn.

Rock on, Go Sox!