Uptime is good!

Uptime is good. 100% uptime is the goal.

Another awesome month of hosting at CapeWP.com. FYI, capehosting.net is a “subsidiary” of CapeWP.com. It handles all the technology involved with fast and reliable servers.

I hope you are all having an enjoyable Summer 2013. The weather could be a bit nicer, but it could be worse too. Hoping for some sunshine and cool breezes soon.

On a different note, you may remember awhile back that I switched email marketing providers from MailChimp to Constant Contact because I wanted to do one thing and it was too convoluted at MailChimp and it turned out that Constant Contact had added new and desirable features (including this one) in the meantime. Well, funny thing, it turns out that almost immediate after that switch, MailChimp redesigned their entire process/website and of course put in an easy to use way to accomplish the task that caused me to leave. I had to laugh.

To reiterate, Constant Contact and MailChimp are the two premiere services for email marketing. And each now do so much more, but getting a good looking informative email to your inbox is still their primary purpose. With each of them leapfrogging each other all the time in features and ease of use, it is impossible to say which is “better”. They are both truly excellent. MailChimp can be cheaper for a small business to get started, but that too could change at any time. Pretty much ANY business out there could benefit from email marketing and would be well advised to choose one and start immediately. Email is still the best way to target a customer and keep them informed of the goings on with your products and services.

The feature that MailChimp now has that Constant Contact does not have is one I really got used to and hated to give up. It is that when I create and publish a post, like this one, it will automatically send the excerpt to you at the proscribed time without further intervention form me. Now, at Constant Contact, I have to login there after I create the post to recreate the send Post at this time on this day. I need to do some formatting also which is a bit buggy and time consuming.

Seems like a small thing but it is one more 30 minutes that needs to happen to get out my weekly Post. Which is quite challenging enough by itself. So will I give MailChimp another try? Most likely I will. I would like to experience their remake of their site/interface. It is easy enough and should take me about 2 hours. Will you notice the difference? Maybe a small difference in how your Saturday morning email is formatted, but nothing major. Same timely, informative, sometimes funny and always WordPress centric advice 🙂

With the ability of my computer to seemingly delete time from my life, I always like to remember that it is my job to see that the computer also performs its original function which was to SAVE me time. So a half hour more a week, plus one less thing to remember/think about is very often worth doing.

Update: At the very lowest setting I am able to beat the computer at chess. It made some moves that were really dumb. At higher settings I am its plaything. It is pretty spooky how well the computer plays chess.

Some useful and well warranted shout outs:

New Blog by a long time client of CapeWP.com (so you know she is smart!) About Yoga, about life.

And if you know someone who is looking for an executive class yearly rental (or possible Winter rental), look no further. This is a fantastic house.


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