Use Google, but only if…

you want to find what you are looking for. If you want to find everything else except for what you are looking for, use Bing. And Yahoo? Yeah, when was the last time anyone ever used that?

And so there is a reason that Google is number one. And it is a very simple reason. It is for one reason only that Google is so far ahead of any other search engines that “second place” is really a 20 year running joke. Who is second best? Who cares. Google gets the job done.

And that reason is… wait for it… because Google brings up the most accurate answer to your inquiry. All the time. Every time.

As an Internet professional for many years, I probably have incorporated a few tricks that help me with Google without realizing it. And here is the kicker. If you want to know those tricks, just ask Google. It will happily tell you. And I think I am accurate in saying that even with all the time saving productivity software that I use or have used, Google has likely made me the most money and saved me the most time over the going on two decades I have been using it. I used to be in the business of solving computer problems, and believe me, there is not a way on this earth I could have done that job without Google. Not even close.

I dare to venture that if you read this and decide to change your browser’s default search engine to Google and use Google exclusively for the rest of your life, that I have probably saved you at least an entire week (and I mean 168 hours, not 40) of poor frustrating results and time wasted. Do not know how to change your browser’s default search engine? No problem. Ask Google. Google knows the answer to that and every question like that.

For a browser, I recommend Chrome or Firefox. End of story.

For a computer, I recommend Dell, but only their business class. And only their small form factor, of which there are two acceptable sizes. Because their consumer grade still has a whole bunch of advertising already on it. Pre-installed and ready to instantly slow down your new computer.

And even that is not a perfect recommend, because for some reason those continue to come installed with Windows 7. Good, but getting long in the tooth. Windows 10 comes with it, but is extra steps to install. No reason for this Dell. I may be adding another computer to my very short recommend list soon. There are still, especially at retail, way too many computers that are closer to a horse and buggy experience rather than a modern 2017 computing experience. There is no reason for this.

This blog post is brought to you by (WordPress, but duh, we know that), a Dell computer (small form factor desktop 7040), Windows 10, Firefox browser, and I installed a close to state of the art SSD hard drive by Samsung. Because as a computer professional, I am well aware of the enhanced computing experience provided by same.

I actually know every single option available to us regarding computer hardware. And I am also aware of what is good and what is not so good and what is pure hype. And since I could build my own very easily using any existing parts known to man, you can be assured that my recommendations consider all possibilities. (i.e. I am not just recommending what Best Buy happens to have on sale this week.) You can build your business on my recommendations. Business Class all the way baby!

And even now in 2017, there are only about three ways to buy a computer. Online from one of the big three, Dell, HP or Lenovo, or a myriad of second tier players, too numerous to mention. Or retail, Staples or Best Buy type of store. Or build from the infinite myriad of parts available from hundreds of manufacturers. And yes, there is still a “corner computer store” here and there, but let’s put them under the aforementioned second tier players. So really only three or four ways at most.

I say this so that you will not think that I was either bragging nor inaccurate about saying that my recommend includes all possibilities 🙂

Some of this was brought on by the fact that my own sister is getting a new computer and I really did not want her to end up with a crappy retail advertisement laden clunker that some retail guy or gal would get a $10 kickback if he or she sold.

If you are out in the wild looking to buy and need just one rule to go buy, here it is: Get the Solid State Drive if it is offered as an option. Hopefully it already comes with one standard. If it does not already come with one, and is not an option, move right on to a different computer. If the salesperson tries in any way to inform you that the old style hard drive is fine, they are liars and dead wrong. There is zero wiggle room here. I have lit up many a forum with this fact, and all scream and holler and may even try to disagree but in the end, they know I am right. And the intelligent members know immediately that I am right 🙂

And so another blog post escapes its cage, ready to save the day, on Saturday morning.

And remember, if you do not know, that is OK. Because Google knows. And loves it when you ask.