WordPress websites

So you want to start a blog…

I recommend not calling me. And here’s why.

There is no need to. Because, after the initial call/meeting for learning what you need, I will charge for my time and expertise. Why not go free?

Well, I got a couple of reason’s, not the least of which is “There is no such thing as a free lunch”, but let’s put that and the others on the side and proceed anyways.

Head on over to WordPress.com (NOT WordPress.org) and choose the “Blog” option. Follow along, and within a few minutes, say 15-60 minutes, you will have a Blog of your very own. And, if you pay attention and avoid the proverbial “upsells”, it will be at no “cost” to you. Oh, there is a cost, just not $$$ out of pocket. You do not get your own domain name, and you get an ad at the bottom of every page on your blog. Hey, still, not a bad deal.

And instead of choosing from thousands of Themes and millions of Plugin options, you choose from the set of 150 or so themes, and the options you get are the options you get. Customize? Sure, with whatever options happen to already be there.

Again, this is fine. Fewer options can be a good thing. A very good thing. To borrow a phrase from across the Pond, “Bob’s your Uncle” and you are a blogger! Sweet.

Because what makes a Blog is the content you add to it. And you can add the same content (within the aforementioned limitations) on this blog as one that you paid me a few hundred dollars to setup. And when you “out grow” this free blog, you can move it to a fully customized type of WordPress Blog like the one I use for this blog. More work, but can be very worth it. Or, you could take an easier upgrade path and move up to the next premium plan that exists at WordPress.com. You will get more options and flexibility for sure, but still not as much as a fully custom blog.

Confused? I get it. It is confusing. And we have not really scratched the surface yet. Basically, there are two WordPresses. WordPress.com is one. And the WordPress that developers, designers and builders like myself use is the other. None of us know what to call it, so we just say “dot org” or simply WordPress. to our credit, when we mean WordPress.com we always use that specific name. Yeah, I know, not such a great name, right? It is like WordPress with no limits. Great if that is what you need. If you do not need it, who cares?

Imagine if Microsoft, who 100% controls Windows said, OK, here is the entire Windows software for you and you can customize and change it to be whatever you want. We may or may not help you if you break it, but hey, have fun! It is kind of like that.

Also, WordPress.com is where there is truly some mission critical action taking place. Because it is the version of WordPress that competes directly with other billion dollar players on the online website/blog business. Incidentally, the above also works great if you want a website instead of a blog. Just choose that option. You can also change your mind and have both. But one thing is WordPress.com website can change on a dime. I have been there a few times in the past 6 months and it has not been the same twice. It is fun to watch a billion dollar company struggle to find it way. I have no doubt it will, but the road can get a bit rocky for sure. Right now the site is pretty darn slick.

And the other cool fact is that WordPress.com has a newer state of the art interface called Calypso that does represent the future of WordPress, whether people such as myself like it or not. (Me and others have spent countless hours learning the status quo. Ouch.) It is crisp and clean and I kind of like it. But like many, I also hate change.

The point is, who cares about me here? This is about you, and you living dangerously and trying something new. Be a blogger! Build your own website! Me and many others are here to assist if you need it. But not for free. Definitely not for free 🙂

So if free makes you happy, head on over to WordPress.com and have some fun. I guarantee you can do it. It is easy.

If I were more of a casual web user, I would definitely be playing in that sandbox. Everything is taken care of for you, hosting, domains, backups, etc. Well, that of course, assumes that you are on the correct “plan”. If you want it all, it is definitely not free. Kind of like a bakery will give you some broken cookie crumbs for free. But a free donut? Not so fast. And if the free crumbs make you crave a donut? Well then, mission accomplished 🙂

In summation, WordPress.com is just like Disco. It is much better if you are out on the dance floor. So give it a try.

It is possible that next week I will give you some reasons why you might want to work with someone like me to get your business online. Free is good. Fun is good? But does that work for your business? Be sure to tune in for the exciting conclusion 🙂 Hint: Even if there was a place that I could pull into with my car and change my own oil for free (bring your own oil), I would still happily pay Midas or the like to change my oil.

As the late Mr. Bowie said, “Let’s Dance!”.