This week I took a deep dive into…

all the possible ways to send out mass emails, such as this very blog. Now, I fully realize that with a list about 55 members big, this is not really the Holy Grail of email sending. However, I fully intend to grow the list to at least 100 🙂

To further filter the choices, I limited them to ways that work well with WordPress. No big surprise there. Currently I use WordPress itself and Mailchimp. Since my list is well under 2000 members and I do not send out even close to 12k emails per month, my Mailchimp account is free. Sweet deal.

I explored two other ways of sending right from within WordPress. The benefit here is that the design of the newsletter is also done within the backend of WordPress, as well as all list management and reporting. The two big players here are SendPress and Mailpoet. Each really kind of requires that an external email service be connected, so that emails are not limited by the web host and deliverablity is maximized. You do not want your precious email landing in your client/customer’s SPAM folder. Using an external service helps immensely with this. Plus, if you do not use one, then you are then, by definition, delving into the darkness that is managing an email server. Ouch. Not what most small business owners want to learn.

And then there is the upsell to more complete reporting, and other premium features. This can defeat the purpose of managing your small list yourself right there. This, along with some install issues and some troubleshooting of sending issues, after much ado, put me right back to the philosophy of “If it ain’t broke, do not fix it”.

My goal of Elegant Simplicity in all things tech has been met by the simple combination of WordPress and Mailchimp. I create a post, and Mailchimp sends it. Period. Sure, there is some initial setup of both WordPress and Mailchimp, but that is pretty much a one time thing.

Once again I have walked deep into the jungle so that my clients can tend to their respective businesses, knowing that I recommend the best solution right out of the gate.

If you think your business could benefit from an email list to market to, please contact me. I can help. I have been managing lists for clients for over a decade.

Enjoy your weekend,