What a week! Here’s a few things that happened…

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The biggest WordCamp of the year was a great success. I attended, but not in the usual way. I used their Live Stream combined with Twitter. Since I had been to the venue itself last week, I had great familiarity with the location from which many were posting real time photos on Twitter. And I saw some really great presentations. From the comfort of my chair and desk.

The quality of the live stream was flawless, better than being there. The only thing missing the way I attended is of course the live interaction/networking relationship building aspect. And that is HUGE for sure. Next year!

I made up for it by trekking to New Bedford at GROUNDWORK! a few days later to a much smaller venue. I really enjoy that and can do it in a long evening, so it almost does not count as travel.

Needless to say, there are many BIG and I mean really BIG changes coming in WordPress. It is really exciting to watch a billion dollar company plan and execute as to how to handle the future, which is arriving these days like a drink from a fire hose arrives 🙂

Next, there was a major update to one of the best security softwares out there, a long time favorite of mine called MalwareBytes. They really nailed the interface and bumped up the protection in a big way. If I could choose only one security software, I would choose them. Over the decades they have protected both my sites and those of all clients. This 3.0 version is a huge accomplishment. Great kudos to their team. PC or Mac!

And finally, if you would like a great gift idea and you like candles, visit The Happy Lotus, a great example of how to build your own business and leverage the technology of the Internet and your website to make more sales. Sell locally AND globally. Have a look see. Candles are always appreciated as a gift.

Engage with life.


Survive a PC disaster with a free trial of Carbonite cloud backup!