Welcome to Spring…

Well, we can always hope that Spring might arrive early here on the Cape. It is a rare occurrence but it has been known to happen. Let this be the exceptional year.

I will be back with a regular post next week. Family and fun are the order of this week.

I am surviving my time away from Facebook. It lures me back with its siren song of kitten videos and Likes and stuff. But I resist.

One reason is I wanted to focus fully and completely on WordPress. There is an infinite amount of things to learn about WP. I may not get to them all 🙂

To keep you happy in the meantime, here is a video featuring the co-founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg. Matt is a true visionary of our times. I realize this is not for everyone. Myself, I enjoy learning about someone who has managed to accomplish so much good for so many.

And here is a little tip you may or may not know: The “Home” page menu choice is rapidly being deprecated from the main navigation menus of many websites. Think of it… When was the last time you saw a “Home” button on Amazon? This is to leave more room for other more productive buttons, and on any well designed site that meets modern standards, you can simply click on the LOGO of the company (usually in the upper left) and THAT will take you back to the “home” page.

Enough fun for now, me, I am going out for a walk to enjoy this fine Spring day.

See you around the track.