What a game!

If I did not see it happening, I never would have believed it. Well played Patriots!

OK, back to business.

If you are setting up a business, do not ever make the mistake of printing any marketing materials with any email address that doesn’t not include your website domain name. That way YOU are in charge. I have a prospective client that did not know this back when, and now all their marketing materials have an email address provided by a company that went out of business. Gmail is fine for personal, and they are hardly at risk of going out of business but… 1. You never know and 2. Why not advertise your brand, rather than someone else’s?

When you use your domain name for email purposes, you can have an unlimited number of addresses and you can choose anything you want that comes before the @mycompany.com part. Usually someones name or initials, but sometimes support or sales works too.

Next week I will try to explain the unexplainable. How your domain registrar, your web host and your email provider mesh together. Get ready to rock.