What a storm!

The weather report was pretty much spot on. All was amazingly smooth here at the corporate headquarters of CapeWP.com. At the previous location in Brewster, the story would have been quite different. Gratitude was foremost in my mind the entire time. The readers of this blog had various reports. From no power for 4 days to virtually no loss of power.

One of my first concerns, after personal safety, was of my client’s web sites (your website was up the whole time). I kept a sharp eye on the server, which resides well off Cape at a secure Enterprise Class Data Center. OK, my sharp eye may have been considered unnecessary by some but not by me. Your web site is my business. And although it is hard to communicate exactly what technical wizardry goes on behind the scenes to keep websites coming up fast and reliably, be assured there is always something to be done. So during the storm, you may not have had your website foremost in your mind. And that is OK. Because I did.

I spent much of the time working on my own site. I changed almost everything, and then changed much of it back. Still, those with the sharp eye will see some changes. WordPress gives us all a way to engage with our websites that is not only fun, sometimes challenging, but also beneficial to business. Google likes a website with up to date information. So, if there are two websites the same (think you and your competition), and one has a weekly Blog Post and the other no changes for a year, guess who will come up higher in Google? Google likes fresh. And it knows the last time you or anyone made any changes to your site.

So, it just may be that the best thing you could do for your online commerce and SEO is to add a BLOG page to your WordPress site. Or bring your 2005 style website up to modern-day standards by creating a new WordPress website.

Compared to what some companies are charging for various types of SEO alone, you could actually save money by investing in a whole new website.

In keeping with last weeks promise, I added rotating banners. The smaller square ads will now be different each time you view/refresh the page I also added a new banner for M.A. Frazier, Inc. I also totally changed the Shopping Cart technology. And added back in a Client Portal. Whew. It was a ton of work. But one thing for sure. When someone Google’s for Cape WordPress websites, this site will come up at the top! Google loves fresh!

What have you done for your website lately? That is the question. Maybe it is just a change of Social Icons. Or the rewrite of a sentence. The goal is to make your visitor’s experience more valuable.

I invite you to engage with CapeWP.com to see what changes to your website would be appropriate.

No more storms! (I am aware as I write this that snow is again in the forecast for today) Such is life.


CBB (Chief Blogging Officer)