What about Email?



Here at CapeWP.com, email is still king. Facebook is, well, popular for sure. And Twitter is, well, short and to the point. Both are fun in their own way, but email is still the best way for businesses to communicate – a direct line into any employee’s inbox (or client, or friend, or family, or business partner). Like an arrow straight and true, email gets the job done. Sure, there are issues, even major ones like SPAM. Not the human race’s best moment. And yet we persevere and even thrive.

In spite of these issues, we all still use email to one degree or another. Here at CapeWP.com we take our email seriously. Business serious. Email needs to get through with an absolute minimum of issues, and it needs to get through fast. For the better part of a decade, CapeWP.com and a considerable number of clients have been using Business Class Email. This is my marketing term for Rackspace Email, a major force in enterprise grade email service. I am extremely pleased to be a reseller for this excellent company.

I can honestly say, in all the years that I and my clients have been using Business Class Email, there was only one minor issue where email slowed down, and only for a few hours. And even that was at least partly due to a computer configuration issue. Truly a remarkable track record.

Gmail has had more issues. Yahoo Mail has had more issues. Hot Mail has had more issues. FYI, Hot Mail is now Outlook.com (not to be confused with the Microsoft email client Outlook, my personal favorite software of all time).

Many simply continue using whatever email system their boss, son, daughter or ISP set them up with: Comcast, Verizon, etc. The point of this blog post is to get you to ask yourself: Is my current email service serving me and/or my business in the most productive manner?

Questions you might ask yourself: Is your webmail interface showing you more and more anxiety producing ads? Even “text ads” can take away your focus very effectively.

There is really no such thing as free email. The companies that claim to provide this show ads at your expense. And you pay with your eyeballs and time. Is your email working well on your mobile phone? Do contacts and calendars synch the way they should, with no input from you? Is your email fast? Are large attachments allowed? Are new accounts easily set up? Regarding configuration, do you have a proper signature? Is your email address part of your domain/company name?

Facts: Gmail reads each email you send and prepares ads it thinks you will like using that information. Yahoo shows an absurd amount of absurd ads. Outlook.com, Microsoft’s new offering, shows text ads and is confusing to sign up for.

I believe every individual and business would have a better quality of life if they used CapeWP.com’s Business Class Email. Cost is $35 – $55 per year per user. We also offer true Enterprise Grade Email for the true power user. One-time setup of $150 and $150 per year. And worth every penny.

For the low yearly price, fast reliable email is worth it. Without a doubt.

Business Class Email has no ads. Anywhere. Ever. The email screen you stare at all day will now be just yours. Not yours and whatever company’s ads are showing. Fact: Even the most seemingly innocuous ads have been engineered by the sharpest minds in the marketing world for one purpose… TO DIVERT YOUR ATTENTION FROM WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO CLICKING THEIR AD. Think about it.

CapeWP.com, the world’s smallest yet fiercest online presence, offers the best, fastest and most reliable and robust email on the planet! Be fierce. Get Business Class Email today.


CBB (Chief Blogging Officer)