What are all these things?

reward teaMow the lawn. Clean the bathroom. Eat dinner. Watch TV. Play with cat. Go for a drive. Shovel snow. Do email. Vacuum entire house. Gas up the car. Clean windows. (OK, maybe that last one is a stretch.)

Well, in case you have not guessed, these are all things I would rather do than log in to work on my WordPress website. Really? Yup.

But we thought you loved to do WordPress work, Dave? What’s up?

Well, you are right. I do love to do WordPress. But I sometimes suffer from the same gripping fear that many of my clients have when it comes to completing the “last 5%” of my website. It is not a logical fear, but it is certainly a powerful one. Hold on… I need to go do some dishes.

Over the years I have had many clients who know the death grip of procrastination when it comes to not “finding” the necessary last photo or last paragraph for their website. And I want them ALL to know it is OK. I completely relate. I get it.

Me, I rarely procrastinate at all when I have work to do on a client’s website. Getting paid upon completion pretty much takes care of that.

But my own website is always another story. Maybe I think I will break the site. Maybe I think I will not express myself clearly. Who knows? And really, who cares? Over the decades I have learned that trying to “figure out” why I do not do something is a fool’s errand. Because the answer is always, without exception, to DO THE DARN THING. Say a prayer if I have to and then do it.

The thing is, I have learned how to do what Al Bundy used to do so well – Look my “opponent” in the eye and say, “Let’s Rock!”

I sit down at the screen. I shake, rattle and roll. I scream and rock back and forth and spin in my chair, and then I log in. With my auto insert of user and password, this takes about 2 seconds and then I am in. I have broken through! I am on the field! Ready to rock! And then I remember how much I admire the power that is at my disposal. There is almost nothing I cannot do. It may not be as cool as flying my own Lear Jet, but it is a very close second. A strange calm overtakes me and I settle down to get some serious work done. Then I start actually having fun in the process.

The proof I have begun to tame the beast is in all the changes I have made to my site: There are now two areas for rotating banners and that was not an easy plugin to conquer, mainly due to many settings with no clear explanation. The other options are spending hundreds of dollars to have someone else figure it out or 1,000 hours of Programming School for me. (The great thing about WordPress is it offers a cheaper easier third option: just learn the plug-in.) The fact that I have not missed a week of news/Blog in 2.5 years is further proof of my success. My trick here is I allow myself a cup of truly fine tea after I start on the rough draft. (I find that two of these tea balls make for a flawless cup.)

What are you going to not procrastinate on this week?

New Business: I am announcing a new and exciting feature –¬† I am offering advertising for sale! You will get one full year of advertising with a large banner like you see top right for $95 per… YEAR! There is a minimal $55 one-time fee for creation of the ad. And remember, this ad is not just viewable by you, the reader, but by all who visit my site at any time¬† for any reason – and the ads are on more than one page, and also on more than one site! I have a few smaller sites that will also have ads, giving advertisers even more bang for the buck.

I also advertise my site with a link in every email I send, and I send a whole lot of email :).

The Cape Codder charges about $1,600 per month in their paper compared to CapeWP.com’s $95.00 per year online!

And so, you see, due to all the time and energy I am putting in, my site is rapidly becoming true to my vision – my vision of a trendsetting site that helps local businesses be prosperous and successful.

This coming week I will not procrastinate on: Getting more banners for my website (as truly scary as that is).

Again: What are you going to not procrastinate on this week?


CBO (Chief Blogging Officer)