What exactly is a blog?

Heck of a question, right? It seems like we should know the answer. Everyone is always talking about blogging. And how it is good for business. And how much money they are making from their blog.

And yet this simple question rarely gets asked and even more rarely gets answered. I will answer it for you now.

A blog is the unedited voice of a single human being. Most of the time in text, but more recently also much of the time in audio. Either way, it is unedited. And yes, in audio format it is called a Podcast.

So any of you who have been following this blog for any length of time now understand. This is my blog. Using my words and no one else's. I assume 100% responsibility for any content.

Such a simple yet powerful concept. Which is why, according to me, blogging has made its way into our culture so rapidly and deeply. Blogging is not reporting, where the articles are edited for any number of reasons. Length, content, phrasing, legal reasons. And I am sure many others.

And, funnily enough, the mission statement of WordPress is "democratize publishing". No wonder that WordPress and blogging go so well together. In the beginning, almost no one used WordPress for pure websites. It was for blogs. And that was that. More recently WordPress has grown into the premier website tool, with blogging still as big a feature as ever.

We can argue all day long about what is "unedited". For me, if I have a question about how a paragraph reads, I may ask someone for an opinion. And if someone happens to find a typo, I happily fix that. To me, that is not the type of "editing" we are talking about. Maybe to some it is, but not me. I speak of the type where someone else other than the blogger has sway of any kind over the published content, over and above the blogger.

Over the years I have been remiss about something, mostly because, being completely immersed in the blogging and WordPress world, I had thought it was self evident. So let me state here and now and clearly one thing that this ever so humble non money making blog has always been and will continue to be about.

It is about encouraging YOU to speak your voice through blogging. Become a member of the WordPress community and enjoy this fine hobby/passion/self expression/business we call blogging. It is truly more fun than a barrel of monkeys. You do not need to learn how to make a million dollars with your blog, although if that is your thing then by all means, have at it. Many before you have managed to accomplish that and many more after you will also.

In this current cultural soup of marketing speak, hype, advertising, tracking, spying, NSA, 1984ish, video cameras on every corner kind of world, blogging gives you and me power to speak loudly and clearly in our own voice.

So whether your goal is to become a blogging millionaire, or maybe some therapeutic writing of words and feelings, jump in, come along for the ride. I guarantee you that you will not find a cooler, nicer, amd more helpful group of people than the fine and friendly folks whose passion happens to be all things WordPress.

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