What is managed WordPress Hosting?

To begin with, this is the type of web hosting that CapeWP.com provides. It means that as a CapeWP.com client you receive a WordPress website that works. And is updated regularly. And is malware free. Ready for you to dance with.

I cannot speak for others, but with CapeWP.com you also are hosted on a fully dedicated server. Whose sole purpose in life is to bring up your website fast and reliably. Not a part of a server, or a “virtual” server, but the full server. Think Waterfront mansion compared to a small condo. Yours is the mansion. To expand the analogy, think small elegant poolside party at that mansion compared to a large party in a one bedroom NYC apartment 🙂

If WordPress has  a weakness, it is not in the functionality or the code aspect, it is that it is too popular! Like Windows, WordPress is a popular program which draws the attention of the bad guys, whether it wants to or not.

This week, one of my hosted websites was hit with some Malware. Ouch! I took immediate action (my time and expense) and had the issue solved before anyone else knew there was an issue. It was due to an insecure plugin that was used. It was not insecure at the time it was installed, but only after an “upgrade”. Um, thanks alot. Not my kind of upgrade. (Being tuned in to WordPress, I knew all about the possibility of Malware, it just had never happened to me.)

The above represents just one way in which Malware can get into WordPress. It is quite like the Wild Wild West. Except wilder! Hosting WordPress is not for the faint of heart. It is for those who are Fierce.

Although I cannot say exactly what managed WordPress Hosting is for others, what I have described above it what I provide to you, my hosted client.

I am a dialed in, fully upstanding member of the hosting community in general and the WordPress hosting community specifically. When I am not blogging or designing and setting up WordPress websites, I am watching a WordPress podcast to learn about the current state of the art.

Hosting for your WordPress website is currently $295 per year. And when that price changes, it will be upwards rather than downwards. True quality does not come cheap. In other words, this is a great time to move to CapeWP.com. And it still currently includes one business class email account. Simply put, if you have not tried this email, you have not tried the best.

Come along for the ride. The wild WordPress ride. And take back the power of the web to where it belongs. With you!

DaveCEO – CapeWP.com