Who owns your domain name?


No one actually owns their domain name. They are all “rented”, for lack of a better term. But since they can be rented for an unlimited time so we will use, for simplicity’s sake, the word “own”. If you registered the name yourself, you “own” it. If you had CapeWP.com register it for you, you still own it.

There have been, and likely still are, companies out there that think THEY control your domain name because you had them do your website or register the name for you. Ouch! This situation is to be avoided at any cost.

These companies also tend to think that they own all of your website files. And when you decide to change web hosts, this becomes a major issue. At CapeWP.com you are always in charge. You own ALL of your website files. To do with as you please when you please.

Timely Tech Tip: If you are sick of Adobe PDF reader constantly begging to be updated or not working as it should, you may want to try FOXIT PDF Reader. It is much lighter on your system and almost never begs to be updated. I use it and never look back. It is free. There are also other more advanced versions that are cheaper than the Adobe equivalent.

Do not confuse this with Adobe Flash Player, which, unfortunately, is still necessary to see certain (mostly Video) content on the web.

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