Who’s on first?

What I mean is, who will be the first to be INTERVIEWED on the CapeWP.com podcast? Now that I have jumped into the world of media, I have learned many things. One of which is that the Interview Format for a TV or radio show has been around since the very beginning, and is one of the most successful formats ever.

And since CapeWP.com exists to provide a boost to local businesses, I am thinking it would work just fine for my purposes. It will require some further expertise on my part before I am ready. But I am close.

This week’s episode will provide answers to your most burning questions:

1. How did CapeWP.com get its name?

2. Did I manage to get the microphone stand?

Luckily, the webserver that hosts CapeWP.com has been beefed up to handle all that traffic 🙂

Have a great weekend. Looks like a mini heat wave!